LCL Delivers Highest Ever Grade at its Giant Porphyry System

Los Cerros (ASX: LCL) continues to extend its very large, near surface, porphyry gold system in Colombia. LCL continues to intercept strong gold mineralisation in every direction tested, delivering ‘spectacular’ result after ‘spectacular’ result.

TMR reveals visible gold, summer drilling campaign has begun

Drilling Season has now officially restarted in Canada and our portfolio company Tempus Resources (ASX: TMR) has just commenced a 6 months gold drilling campaign after a few months of hibernation.

Experts Re-Analyse TMZ’s Historical Silver Assets

Today our silver investment Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) has announced a group of experts are re-analysing historical data from its multiple silver projects in order to re-model the silver resource size.

BPM Completes Earaheedy Site Visit, Bigger Neighbour has released more drilling results

BPM Minerals (ASX: BPM) today iannounced the completion of a site visit, off the back of yesterday’s key drill results from neighbour Rumble Resources.

PUR says Early Soil Samples “Compare Favourably” to $2.6BN Chalice

Pursuit Minerals (ASX: PUR) has today released exceptional results from soil sampling that confirms the presence of anomalous PGEs (platinum group elements), Nickel, Copper and Gold.

Welcoming ASX: BPM to our Portfolio

Introducing BPM Minerals (ASX: BPM) to the Next Investors portfolio. BPM just announced the acquisition of projects near Rumble Resources' $440M lead-zinc discovery.

GAL Reveals Promising Palladium Drill Results

Galileo Mining (ASX:GAL) owns a project that has promising palladium assay results from drilling that was done long before palladium was one of the hottest metals in town.

PUR’s EM conductors “significant” - Drilling in 6 to 8 weeks

Today Pursuit Minerals (ASX:PUR) announced refined EM conductors (colourful blobs) that according to the company are HIGHLY conductive. SIGNIFICANT and within the known range of conductivity of $2.5BN Chalice’s discovery.

TMZ’s Tin Asset is Suddenly Very Interesting.

Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) original tin asset is looking very interesting for a potential sale, spinout or some drilling

We Just Tripled Our Holding in TMR

We tripled our holdings in Tempus Resources (ASX: TMR) by participating in the placement last week at 14.5c.

GAL Identifies Drill Ready Fraser Range Nickel Target

Galileo Mining Ltd (ASX:GAL) is exploring for nickel in WA and has just identified a significant electromagnetic drill target in the Fraser Range.

LCL’s Gold Porphyry Discovery Keeps Getting Bigger

Los Cerros (ASX: LCL) is fast becoming known for relentlessly extending its now offensively large porphyry gold system in Colombia.

MNB: Licence Granted, Placement Digested

Minbos Resources (ASX: MNB) is developing a large phosphate resource in Angola that has the potential to dramatically transform the country’s food security and crop yields. MNB announced this week that the Angolan government has approved its long-term mining title - renewable for up to 35 years.

LCL’s Gold System Keeps Getting Bigger

Drill results are in… and there are more coming in the next few weeks. We invested in Los Cerros (ASX: LCL) in April 2020. We were impressed by the potential of its gold assets and management and took a long term position.

No significant sulphides were recorded in this drill hole

Galileo Mining Ltd (ASX:GAL) is exploring for nickel in the Fraser Range, but yesterday announced that its recently completed drill hole didn’t deliver a discovery.

TMZ Eyes 100 Million oz. Silver Equivalent Resource Base

Since mid-November 2020, Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) has been on an aggressive expansion strategy and yesterday added a further project to its arsenal: The Texas Silver Project in Queensland. Just today, the company announced it has entered into a binding Mine Sale Agreement with MRV Metals Pty Ltd to acquire the Texas Silver Project in Southern Queensland.

News in From Our Favourite ASX Stock to Surf the Silver Squeeze

We invested in Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) in December last year, as we believe it offers the best exposure to silver on the ASX.

Nearology News Next to $1.4 Billion Behemoth Big Brother

A few months ago our portfolio company Pursuit Minerals (ASX:PUR) acquired exploration licenses, and today the results are in...

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