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We have four Portfolios shared on publicly available websites: Next Investors, Catalyst Hunter, Finfeed and Wise-Owl.

Each portfolio is a collection of stocks that S3 Consortium and Associated Entities have researched and invested in. Each stock has engaged our services to publicly share our investment journey.

Associated Entities

  • S3 CONSORTIUM HOLDINGS PTY LTD ATF NEXTINVESTORS DOT COM (Trust controlled by entities associated with Damian Hajda and Jason Price)
  • GLOBAL CONSORTIUM HOLDINGS PTY LTD <FTW HOLDINGS A/C> (entity controlled by Damian Hajda)
  • OKAWARI CONSORTIUM PTY LTD <THE OKA T A/C> (entity controlled by Jason Price)


Shares Acquired whilst a company is listed, Shares Acquired in pre IPO seed raises, IPOs and issue of shares in lieu of cash payment for services.

Initial Entry Price

The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) for Shares Acquired by S3 Consortium and Associated Entities after 1 Jan 2019 measured from the day that the stock is announced in a Portfolio.

S3 Consortium and our Associated Entities share our Investment journey over time through our public Portfolios. Occasionally we Invest in seed and pre-IPO capital raising which are factored into our Initial Entry Price.

Portfolio Weighting

The individual position size relative to the total Portfolio size, based on the end of day prices. Shares Held are updated at the end of each month.

Shares Held

Total amount of Shares Held by S3 Consortium and Associated Entities in a company. Shares Held are updated at the end of each month.

Last Price

The closing price of the stock the previous day.

Performance from Initial Entry

The % change from the Initial Entry Price (unrealised gain/loss)

Top Slice

Some Shares Disposed since First Coverage Date, but not enough to Free Carry.

Free Carry

Enough Shares Disposed in a company to recoup all Investment amounts in that company, but not enough to Take Profit. All Investments include Initial Investments or Subsequent Investments, plus tax payable on Capital Gains which we standardised at 30% for simplicity.

Take Profit

Further Shares Disposed after Free Carry is achieved to Take Profit.

Initial Investment

The VWAP of the total Investment in a stock by S3 Consortium and Associated Entities - counted at the Date of Initial Coverage, this date can be found on each company’s page.

Subsequent Investment

Any further Investment into a company after the Initial Investment.

Total Holding

Initial Investment + any Subsequent Investment

Shares Disposed

When any Associated Entities sells shares. Any share share sales must be in accordance with our trading policy found here.

Shares Acquired

When S3 Consortium or Associated Entities makes an Investment in a stock

% Sold down

Number of Shares Disposed, shown as a % of the total number of Shares Acquired

Date of Initial Coverage

The date a stock was added to a Portfolio and an Initiation Article was published.

First Coverage Price

The price at the time when an Initiation Article was published.

Highest Price

The highest price of the stock from the Date of Initial Coverage

Highest Point

The % change between Highest Price and Initial Entry Price

Last Updated: April 2022