TRIPLE DOWN ALERT - Plus 6 Hot Stocks

  Email Published On: 23-03-2021 10:35 a.m.

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EuroManganese (ASX:EMN) just announced an oversubscribed $30M cap raise from ESG funds and strategic investors.

We have “tripled down” on EMN and invested in the placement at 60c (we participated in both the previous EMN placements too).


We reckon EMN is in the prime position to supply High Purity Manganese to the European Union, who are trying to be the fastest continent to fully transition to electric vehicles.

We followed Volkswagen’s Power Day last week and Tesla's Battery Day in September 2020 where both automakers announced a desire for higher manganese content in their batteries.

We invested in EMN in September 2020, invested more in November and again this week at 60c.

The $30M in funds raised will accelerate development of EMN’s project, allowing for completion of all site and technical work required for a final investment decision next year.

Speaking of our favourite European battery metals stocks, VUL is another one making huge progress in Europe, in Zero Carbon Lithium:


Vulcan Energy (ASX:VUL) was our 2020 “Top Pick of the Year” and now has the backing of Australia’s richest person - mining magnate Gina Rinehart, and ESG investors after raising $120M at $6.50/share. We also participated in this placement.

This funding round has set VUL up for the next couple of years.

VUL has been hitting investors with almost one announcement per week and looks like the share price is consolidating nicely around the $6.50 placement price, hopefully in anticipation of its next leg up.

Today VUL announced a world first lithium CO2 traceability agreement, and last week they announced former Tesla Head of Battery and Energy Supply Chain, Annie Liu to its Board.

Ms Liu managed Tesla’s multi-billion dollar strategic partnerships and sourcing portfolios - including raw materials sourcing efforts such as lithium for battery cells...

New board appointment Ms Liu could be paramount in VUL’s goal to become the world’s first Zero Carbon Lithium producer - we suspect she has a very impressive contact book in the EV space.

Speaking of key female board appointments in Zero Carbon green investments - PRL (Zero Carbon Hydrogen) just announced that experienced exec Kylah Morrison has joined their Board:


Just like VUL, Province Resources (ASX:PRL) has added a highly experienced female executive to the Board - adding a superstar to their ranks and increasing their credentials as a modern ESG company.

Ms Morrison brings extensive experience in local community engagement and indigenous organisations.

Kylah Morrison could have a massive influence on how quickly PRL can bring its Zero Carbon Hydrogen project to market.

PRL’s share price has been on a huge run since we nominated it for our 2021 Small Cap Pick of the Year and then wrote about hydrogen aspirant Andrew Forrest's FMG lobbing in land applications around PRL’s land...

PRL has run from 6c to 18c in those few weeks...

Speaking of strong runners in our portfolio - PUR’s share price is off to the races in anticipation of drilling...


Pursuit Minerals (ASX:PUR) has a number of compelling EM targets in the Julimar province it is aiming to drill.

The Julimar province is home to the $1.6BN Chalice Mining discovery.

Our investment plan in December last year was anticipating that PUR would run in the lead up to their drilling event , which thankfully worked after PUR announced some pretty juicy EM targets.

We continue to be impressed in the strong run PUR is having.

Speaking of more strong share price runs in the lead up to drilling - 88E has been having a massive run of interest from its US listing on the OTC markets.


88 Energy (ASX:88E) continues to get significant interest in their “just days away” oil drilling results in Alaska.

88E was up over 40% in the overnight trading session in the USA with overseas chat rooms taking a shine to the stock.

We invested in 88E in July 2020 and then doubled our holdings in Sept 2020 in the placement and shared our investment plan for this drilling event in December 2020.

Now thanks to the USA OTC listing and US chat room action we wrote about yesterday, 88E seems to be running.

We think the overnight momentum in the US on the OTC market is going to continue into today’s trading on the 88E, which shows the benefit of having a dual USA listing on the OTC.

Speaking of companies with OTC listings - CPH has confirmed its own OTC listing in the USA is only a few weeks away.


Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH) is a medical cannabis stock set to acquire 100% of a Canadian psychedelics company that has a steady supply of legal synthetic psilocybin to progress R&D initiatives.

We have been interested in the psychedelics space for a while now as we think it is a mega trend for mental health treatment over the next 10 years.

CPH, currently capped at ~ $200M, wants to see if its valuation can catch up to its billion dollar plus North American peers like MindMed and Compass Pathways.

We have been noticing a trend of ASX listed stocks going to list on the OTC (Over the Counter) exchange in the US, and performing extremely well.

The USA investor market is huge, and stocks can get some massive momentum, especially if the chatrooms like Reddit can take hold of them.

With a compelling story and now an imminent OTC listing, we hope there is more upside in CPH.

CPH is the only non-portfolio stock we write about as we originally took a position as a medium term trade.

However in recent months it has been knocking on the door for inclusion in our long term portfolio...

Speaking of our long term portfolio - we have invested in just 19 companies since 2018 and these are all intended as long term positions:


The stocks we wrote about today have been having a great run - you can see the rest of our portfolio stocks in the link below.

While some of our portfolio family have been quiet recently that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy in the background.

We will aim to provide an update on all of the portfolio stocks in the coming weeks... Including some of the stragglers that have been a bit slow to move (looking at you GTR, AJX, TMR... ) and why we are still fully invested in them.


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