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Investment Memo: Province Resources Ltd (ASX:PRL) - LIVE

Opened: 12-Jan-2022

Shares Held at Open: 24,000,000

What does PRL do?

Province Resources (ASX:PRL) is aiming to develop Australia's first truly Zero Carbon, Green Hydrogen project.

What is the macro theme?

Decarbonisation using the latest green hydrogen technology.

As the world looks to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, green hydrogen may prove to be a major building block of a net-zero economy.

Industrial applications and large transport (like buses and trucks), and heavy industry applications like steel mills are the most likely candidates to start using this technology in the near future.

Why did we invest in PRL?

Ideal location for the project

PRL's project is located in the Gascoyne region of WA, next to the town of Carnarvon. Gascoyne is a particularly sunny and windy area (ideal for green energy support) and coastal (important to build a hydrogen plant to undertake hydrolysis). The town of Carnarvon also has a gas pipeline.

Australia is aiming for net zero emissions by 2050

With particular targeted investments in hydrogen and we think PRL can be part of the solution.

Joint Venture Possibility

PRL has a pathway to financing through their potential joint venture partner Total Eren.

An Experienced Team

Project set up by the people behind Vulcan Energy Resources (one of our most successful investments)

What do we expect PRL to deliver in 2022?

Objective #1: Scoping study

Deliver scoping study to better determine the commerciality of PRL’s project.


Deliver scoping study

Objective #2: Secure key stakeholder support

Secure land tenure and key stakeholder support for the project, including a Heritage Agreement, Environmental Impact Assessment and other necessary permits so that the project can proceed.

Traditional owner consents secured for green hydrogen project

Objective #3: Begin Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS)

With a Scoping Study, land tenure and stakeholder support, the start of the PFS would enable PRL to get to work on understanding the specific factors needed in development to deliver an economic green hydrogen project in WA.

Objective #4: Solidify commitment from Total Eren

With PRL announcing the completion of the scoping study on 2nd March 2022, we next want to see PRL solidify its commitment from Total Eren to further develop the project.

What could go wrong?

Project Development Risk

Total Eren decides that after the Scoping Study has been completed that the project is not economically viable, and as such, chooses to abandon the project.

Hydrogen Market Ris

Hydrogen is a very new technology, and there are currently limited uses. Hydrogen is not easily transportable, it is extremely flammable and has also not been adopted on a large scale. If the hydrogen market doesn't materialise, PRL may struggle to secure financing for its project - and sell its hydrogen at a commercial scale.

Regulatory Risk

If PRL can't secure the key permits for the project to go ahead (including heritage agreement, environmental impact assessment and the new development permit). This risk is increased for PRL because there are no regulations that exist for hydrogen projects, and governments will need to update laws to fit this emerging market.

What is our investment plan?

PRL is our second biggest holding behind Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL). PRL has delivered several impressive announcements since February and is up over 500% since we first invested over 12 months ago in August 2020.

After PRL delivered a number of material announcements and rose over 500%, we sold a portion of our holding to recoup our investment outlays.

We intend to hold our position now until the results of the Scoping Study are announced and re-evaluate our investment plan from there.

Disclosure: The authors of this investment memo and owners of Next Investors, S3 Consortium Pty Ltd, and associated entities, own 24,000,000 PRL shares at the time of publication.

PRL Investment Milestones

✅ Initial Investment: @2.34
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✅ Free Carry
✅ Increase Investment: @0.8c
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✅ Increase Investment: @1.5c
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✅ Increase Investment: @13.9c
✅ Free Carry
✅ Increase Investment: @15c
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✅ Take Profit
✅ Price increases 300% from initial entry
✅ Price increases 500% from initial entry
✅ Price increases 1000% from initial entry

12 Month Capital Gain Discount
🔲 Hold remaining Position for next 2+ years

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Investor Presentation

Bill Gates backs startup for hydrogen storage & transportatation

Jul 06, 2022

Macro: Hydrogen

The following Bloomberg article looks at a Bill Gates backed investment in the hydrogen mobility space.

Read the full article here.

Below are our key takeaways from the article:

  • A key part of having hydrogen form part of the global energy mix is to find a way to store and transport it effectively.
  • Spanish startup H2Site is aiming to do this and just secured €12.5M in investments from Bill Gates-led Breakthrough Energy Ventures, French utility Engie SA and Norwegian oil giant Equinor ASA.
  • Current existing methods to store and transport hydrogen are expensive, especially when compared to gas storage/transportation.
  • H2Site aims to find technological solutions to use existing natural-gas pipelines to move hydrogen by diluting natural gas with ~30% hydrogen before being recovered using H2SITE’s filter where it needs to be consumed. The process would use a palladium alloy with the aim of filtering hydrogen at 99.9% purity from a pipe carrying between 5% and 30% hydrogen.
  • Another technology being focused on is transportation via ships within ammonia and methanol. The aim being that projects like the ones in Australia where hydrogen is converted into ammonia then transported using ships could then have hydrogen recovered by undoing the chemical reaction after shipping is completed.

In summary, the article speaks to the volume of capital pouring into the downstream technologies that are required to build up a sound and efficient hydrogen supply chain.

For hydrogen to become a part of the energy mix the infrastructure required to produce, transport and then consume it all needs to be developed to the standards of current energy technologies.

With institutional capital and big names like Bill Gates now making investments into the hydrogen space we think it is a matter of WHEN not IF for the hydrogen sector.

Historically, our best performing Investments have come from industries where we have Invested well ahead of institutional capital arriving on the scene. Our Investments in the green hydrogen space are no different.

The following companies held in our Portfolio provide exposure to an industry that we think is on the cusp of exponential growth:

Province Resources (ASX: PRL)

  • Feasibility stage, green hydrogen, WA (Australia)

Elixir Energy (ASX: EXR)

  • Scoping stage, green hydrogen, Mongolia

Minbos Resources (ASX: MNB)

  • Scoping stage, green hydrogen/ammonia, Angola

Traditional owner consents secured for green hydrogen project

ASX:PRL Jul 05, 2022 Announcement

Investment Memo: PRL IM-2022
Objective 1: Secure key stakeholder support

This morning our green hydrogen investment, Province Resources (ASX: PRL) announced progress with respect to securing key stakeholder support for its green hydrogen project in WA.

PRL announced that it has secured land access consent from native title groups covering ~870 square kilometres of land.

Importantly, these consents are a prerequisite for the WA Government to issue Section 91 licences, giving PRL the access it needs to start feasibility study works. So far PRL has secured two Section 91 licences.

PRL also confirmed that it is “continuing discussions with pastoralists, local government and other stakeholders to finalise tenure for the project”.

Securing land access arrangements can be a big hurdle to overcome given the large land footprint a project as big as PRL’s would be situated on. Effectively, without the support of key stakeholder groups, there would be no project to develop.

What’s next: We are watching to see PRL execute its Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Total Eren which is now due by 31 July 2022.

Bill Gates “Green hydrogen would be massive for clean energy”

Jul 04, 2022

Macro: Hydrogen

Investment Memo: PRL 2022, EXR 2022, MNB 2022

General: Macro

The following LinkedIn post from Bill Gates shines the spotlight on green hydrogen as a technology solution for a transition towards cleaner fuel sources.

Read the LinkedIn post here.

When major investors start to talk up a particular technology it is generally a leading indicator for massive institutional capital flows into the sector. And Gates is not just a commentator, but an investor in renewable energy and the transition towards lower emission fuel sources.

(Here is an article on one of Gates’ latest ventures in the space: Bill Gates-Led Fund Backs Startup With Cheaper Way to Move Hydrogen)

For a long time institutional investors have avoided making large scale investments into the green hydrogen space, but that now looks to be changing extremely rapidly.

Historically, our best performing Investments have come from industries where we have Invested well ahead of institutional capital arriving on the scene.

Our Investments in the green hydrogen space are no different. We tend to agree with Bill Gates, that green hydrogen has a place in the transition towards clean energy technologies.

The following companies held in our Portfolio provide exposure to an industry that we think is on the cusp of exponential growth:

Province Resources (ASX: PRL)

  • Feasibility stage, green hydrogen, WA (Australia)

Elixir Energy (ASX: EXR)

  • Scoping stage, green hydrogen, Mongolia

Minbos Resources (ASX: MNB)

  • Scoping stage, green hydrogen/ammonia, Angola

Twiggy pens multi-billion dollar green hydrogen deal

ASX:PRL Mar 31, 2022

In a sign of growing momentum behind green hydrogen companies, like our investment in Province Resources (ASX:PRL), Twiggy Forrest’s Fortescue Future Industries has signed a major green hydrogen deal in Europe.

The deal between Fortescue’s renewable energy arm and E.ON, Germany’s largest energy group, is for five million tonnes per annum of Australian green hydrogen.

The hydrogen would be produced in Australia and then shipped to Germany - part of the country’s rapid shift to renewables amid an energy squeeze brought on by the country’s reliance on Russian gas.

Forrest flagged that the project would be “a minimum $50 billion expenditure.

Given the large numbers involved in projects of this scope, there’s a vibrant debate around whether green hydrogen is viable.

We’re of the view that green hydrogen IS a viable part of the energy mix going forward, particularly as electrolyser costs come down.

Electrolysers are a type of equipment that uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

In the context of this technological progress, we’re pleased that PRL has delivered the scoping study we wanted to see so far this year:

Here’s why we invested in PRL.

What’s next: We want to see PRL’s partnership with Total Eren solidified in the form of a Joint Development Agreement.