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IVZ discovery samples in the lab for testing.


Published 13-FEB-2024 13:54 P.M.


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Our portfolio company Invictus Energy (ASX: IVZ) is about to get its discovery samples into the lab.

Late last year IVZ drilled the Mukuyu-2 & Mukuyu-2 sidetrack wells at its oil & gas project in Zimbabwe.

After the sidetrack well in December, IVZ declared a double discovery hitting 34.9m of net pay across two different reservoir targets (Upper and Lower Angwa).

Today, IVZ confirmed that the samples from its discovery would be in the lab for analysis later this week.

Lab analysis results are then expected in ~2 weeks time.

The lab results are important because they are the precursor to IVZ’s planned flow tests later this year.

IVZ lab results

What does IVZ’s discovery mean for the company:

Below are some of the key reasons and our previous coverage of why we think IVZ’s basin opening discovery is a major milestone for the company.

What’s next for IVZ?

In IVZ’s December quarterly report we saw IVZ talk about three key catalyst for the upcoming year.

IVZ expects to run a flow test at its Mukuyu-2 discovery, prepare for 3D seismic across Mukuyu and also start preparing for a new high impact well across one of its many other targets.

IVZ plan