IVZ Drill Update: Regional seal and 10m to 15m potential hydrocarbon interval

Today, IVZ announced an updated to its drilling progress of Mukuyu-1. IVZ’s drill is now at 2,021m out of a planned 3,500m, with initial logging revealing a 10m to 15m potential hydrocarbon interval. This is just from the first 3 out of 7 targets.

Rig Ready. GGE to Test Flow Rate on US Helium Discovery

This will be done by flow testing the same well where it made the helium discovery earlier in the year. GGE is rigging up right now, with the ultimate aim of producing a commercially viable flow rate.

Early stage. Big target. Frontier gas drilling.

Our helium exploration Investment Noble Helium (ASX:NHE) has a giant unrisked prospective helium resource in Tanzania. In just one project area, NHE has the potential to discover the world’s third largest helium reserve behind the USA and Qatar — enough to deliver approximately 30 years of the world’s current annual helium needs.

It’s pre-drill time

Invictus Energy’s (ASX: IVZ) drill rig is now on site and about to start drilling the biggest conventional onshore oil and gas prospect in Africa.

Gas explorer sitting in a busy neighbourhood

TEE released an operational update that put into perspective where the company sits in the project lifecycle right now.

IVZ’s resource is now 2.7x bigger - Drilling in August

Today, IVZ upgraded the prospective resource at its Mukuyu prospect to a giant 20 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) and 845 million barrels of gas condensate.

IVZ’s Drill Rig Now on its Way - Elephant Scale Gas Target to be Pierced in July

The price of gas is soaring all across the world.  The EU is on the brink of a full blown gas supply crisis.  And our 2020 Energy Pick of the Year Invictus Energy (ASX: IVZ) is finally preparing to drill the largest seismically defined, undrilled gas structure in onshore Africa.

Drilling results to come in over the weekend

The Sasanof-1 well is now being readied to drill into the primary target zone THIS WEEKEND.  That means come Monday, we should know whether our Investments Prominence Energy (ASX:PRM) and Global Oil and Gas (ASX:GLV) have an ownership stake in a new gas discovery.

Natural gas and the clean energy transition

Natural gas prices have surged in the last few months after sanctions placed on Russia (the major gas supplier to Europe) took a huge chunk of supply off the market. And we don’t think the Russia situation is going to stabilise any time soon.

Why We’ve Invested in Top End Energy (ASX: TEE)

Our latest Investment gives us early stage exposure to a (hopefully) large gas onshore discovery in Australia, and the country’s transition to a low carbon future

GGE’s First Helium Exploration Well Now 10 Days Away.

Helium spot prices are now trading between US$2,000-US$3,000Mcf — almost 5x what was being quoted only a few weeks ago.

How to Read Oil & Gas Resources

What are oil and gas resources and reserves? Oil and gas deposits can be classified as resources or reserves. The difference being how confident the company is that the deposit is valuable and extractable.

Early-year trading indicates market is set for an up-and-down year

The first few trading days of 2022 were extremely positive, reminding us of what we saw in the first week of January 2021 just before the small cap bull market in the first few months of last year…

Multiple catalysts underpin surge in Sacgasco’s shares - spud imminent

Sacgasco Limited (ASX: SGC) has signed a drilling contract that will facilitate the imminent spud of the Borba 1-7 Well in the Northern Sacramento Basin onshore California.

Alberta acquisition another potential catalyst for Sacgasco

Sacgasco Limited (ASX: SGC) has taken a 20% Working interest (WI) in oil and gas producing assets in southern Alberta, Canada. The company is targeting gas supply to the premium local Californian gas market and the burgeoning LNG market in North America.

Elixir Energy grows prospective resource at Nomgon IX

Elixir Energy Limited (ASX: EXR) has updated the Nomgon IX prospective resource prepared by independent reserve auditor ERCE Equipoise (ERCE).

EXR Doubles its Gas Resource on China's Doorstep

Elixir Energy Ltd (ASX: EXR) has almost doubled the size of its Nomgon IX prospective resource in Mongolia.

EXR could unlock a new sub basin at its Mongolian Gas Project

As part of Elixir Energy Limited's (ASX: EXR) 2020 exploration program, the company will spud a new low-cost strat-hole (Hutul 1S) that could unlock an entirely new sub-basin, – or potentially a large extension of the Nomgon sub-basin and attract gas majors.

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