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TG1 has a number of exploration projects in WA across three world class minerals provinces.

Following the company’s successful IPO in April 2021 and with $6M in the bank, we are looking forward to TG1 delivering a number of potentially share price moving catalysts in a buoyant market for exploration.

TechGen Company Milestones

βœ… $6M IPO Raise @20c
Catalyst Hunter Portfolio Initiation
πŸ”² Project Funding 1
πŸ”² Project Funding 2
πŸ”² Unexpected Announcement 1
πŸ”² Unexpected Announcement 2
πŸ”² Unexpected Announcement 3

Ashburton Basin: Copper

Blue Rock Valley

βœ… Airborne EM Surveying
βœ… Ground EM Surveying

πŸ”„ Drill Targets Identified
πŸ”² RC Drilling (Stage 1)
πŸ”² Assay Results 1
πŸ”² Assay Results 2

Mt Boggola

βœ… Airborne EM Surveying
πŸ”„ Ground EM Surveying
πŸ”² Drill Targets Identified
πŸ”² RC Drilling (Stage 1)
πŸ”² Assay Results 1
πŸ”² Assay Results 2

Station Creek

βœ… Airborne EM Surveying
πŸ”² Ground EM Surveying
πŸ”² Drill Targets Identified
πŸ”² RC Drilling (Stage 1)
πŸ”² Assay Results 1
πŸ”² Assay Results 2

Yilgarn Craton: Gold

Ida Valley

βœ… 1,000m RC Drilling Commenced
βœ… RC Drilling Complete
Soil Sampling Complete
🟩 RC Assay Results 1
🟨 RC Assay Results 2
βœ… Soil Sampling Assay Results
βœ… Follow-up RC Drilling Complete
πŸ”„ Follow-up RC Assay Results

El Donna

βœ… 1,300m RC Drilling Program Commenced
βœ… RC Drilling Complete
Rock Chip Assay Results
🟧 RC Assay Results
πŸ”² Follow-up RC Drilling
πŸ”² Assay Results

Paterson Projects

Harbutt Range

πŸ”² Ground Geophysics
πŸ”² RC Drilling

North Nifty

βœ… Soil Sampling
πŸ”² Soil Assay Results
πŸ”² Ground Geophysics
πŸ”² Aircore Drilling
πŸ”² Aircore Assay Results

TG1 Investment Milestones

βœ… Initial Investment @ 20Β’ (months before key drilling event)
πŸ”² Increase Investment
πŸ”² Price increases 250% from initial entry
πŸ”² Price increases 500% from initial entry
πŸ”² Price increases 1,000% from initial entry
πŸ”² Free Carry
πŸ”² Take Some Profit
πŸ”² Hold position for key drilling event
πŸ”² Decide New Investment Plan after results of key drilling event

"Expected Company Milestones” are based on the company's publicly available execution plan and some assumptions made by our team on potential announcements that should de-risk the investment. β€œOur investment milestones” show our current long-term investment plan. Early stage investments are risky and there is no guarantee that the expected events will occur. The lists are not in sequential order.

πŸ”² Expected Milestone
βœ… Achieved Milestone
🟩 Above Average Result
🟨 Average (Expected) Result
🟧 Below Average Result
πŸŸ₯ Negative Result
🌎 Macro Event
βš”οΈ Results from Other Company / Project
πŸ”„ In Progress
[UPA] Unexpected Positive Announcement
[NEW] New Milestone Added

Why we invested in ASX:TG1

  • Scheduled work plan and plenty of activity to look forward to.
  • Tier-1 jurisdictions in WA in proximity to several large existing discoveries.
  • Very little modern exploration on its ground, but its projects lie in broader regions where prominent discoveries have been made.
  • Gold and copper prices are nearing record levels.
  • Highly leveraged to growth - tiny Enterprise Value of $4.5M... and plenty of upside on discovery.

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