IVZ reaches 10 bagger status, lithium day wrap and more...

With a bit of life creeping back into the market, we saw another of our long-term Positions achieve “10 bagger” status this week. A “10 bagger” is when a stock price increases 1,000% - and they don’t come around very often, especially in a wonky market like we’ve experienced in 2022. Holding on for a 1,000% increase usually requires a lot of patience, with plenty of ups and downs along the way that will test one's resolve to hold. That company is our 2020 Energy Pick of The Year Invictus Energy (ASX: IVZ) which released another positive drilling update on Friday.

What market crash? Phosphate used in batteries now?

We have a theory that modern markets swing a lot more quickly and wildly than 5 years ago - given the sheer number of new market participants and trading apps combined with the lightning speed of financial information flow.

Our new Investment. Battery materials bottom? Summary of the key media events this week.

Commentary: Battery materials are back. Our new Investment. Battery materials bottom? Summary of the key media events this week.

Scott Morisson's "Shopping List" of Critical Minerals

Long time readers will know that some of our most successful investments have been in companies exploring and looking to supply the raw materials that are needed to move the world towards a lower carbon future and energy security….like VUL… which you may recall is up over 5,000%.

EU urgently needs ESG grade cobalt for EV transition - Russia and DRC supplies are ruled out

The next couple of months could prove to be a big period for KNI because with drilling permits now secured, they can start drilling in the first week of May.

Nickel, the War and Under Investment in Exploration

The commodities bull is being driven by a potent cocktail of inflation, war, growing demand from the energy transition, geopolitical squabbles, declining grades and years of low exploration spend.

The War Begins, Cybersecurity, Food Security, Energy Independence and Precious Metals

The Russian troop build-up had been happening for the last couple of months and we think the market had slowly been pricing in a potential conflict, especially one that could accelerate the “west versus east” tensions and all the ramifications that come with it.

Energy Transition Metals, Raw Materials, McKinsey, Supply and Demand Economics

Our most successful investments over the last two years have been in companies developing the raw materials to build the world’s move to a green energy future.

The "Lesser Kown" Energy Transition Metals: Copper, Aluminium, Graphite, Helium, Rare Earths

We think this investment theme is just getting started and we’re determined to repeat that success across a range of new commodities that are critical to the “energy transition”.

Modern exploration methods lead to additional drilling targets

Yesterday KNI announced that ‘advanced interpretive analytical’ geophysical work has brought about 2 new high priority drilling targets which KNI are aiming to drill in Q2-2022.

VUL Produces First Battery-Grade Lithium Sample

Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL) today announced that it has produced a battery-grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LHM) sample that grades better than the current best-on-the-market battery grade specifications required by offtake customers.

Stellantis EV Day: Mystery European Geothermal Lithium MoU & Manganese to be used in all batteries

Last night major automaker Stellantis announced they have “an Offtake MoU with a geothermal lithium partner in Europe” and also that manganese will be a key ingredient in their electric vehicle batteries.

Move over Musk. Yet Another Auto giant to reveal Electric strategy tonight at 11:30pm AEST

TONIGHT At 11:30pm AEST new European car giant Stellantis is announcing its electrification strategy as a key enabler to sustain “clean, safe and affordable mobility”

Australian Government Awards FYI National Project Status

The MPS award endorses FYI’s project as one of national significance by the Australian Federal Government and potential economic contribution to the country.

Last night VW announced it wants to secure battery metals directly from miners...

Over the last 24 hours we have seen a lot of mainstream media about European automakers and their big moves into electric vehicles - the big automakers are probably timing their key media releases to coincide with the current attention on the climate goals of the G7 summit.

Vulcan accepted into the Global Battery Alliance

Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (ASX: VUL) has been admitted as a Member of the Global Battery Alliance (GBA), an umbrella partnership comprising of 70 members workings towards a sustainable battery value chain globally.

NFT an investment megatrend? EMH - One stock to watch and … a bullish ASX

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, will become an integral part of the “tech investment megatrend” of the next decade, says the CEO of independent financial advisory and fintech organisation deVere Group.

A good time to be in battery metals and ... ASX rises

Vulcan Resources (ASX: VUL)’s association with billionaire John Hancock continues to gain attention, while news that China was, as reported by The Wall St Journal, “tightening its grip on the global supply of processed manganese, rattling a range of companies world-wide that depend on the versatile metal—including the planet’s biggest electric-vehicle makers”, gave Euro Manganese (ASX: EMN) a boost.

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