What are the best returns in our portfolio?

  Email Published On: 12-02-2021 13:40 p.m.

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We have no new investment to announce today.

Our model is to write about the companies we have invested in, and we do a lot of research before we make a new investment - which takes time to do properly.

If we haven't invested in a company for the long term, we won’t write about it.

Carefully choosing our investments and long-term holding has been a successful strategy for us.

Some of the earliest investments in our portfolio that have provided the best returns (we did months of research before we invested) include VUL (4,928%), WHK (525%), EXR (323%), MYQ (1426%).

We believe in holding a position for long enough to see the company deliver its business plan - this is where the biggest gains are made if the company is successful.

So while there is no new investment to announce today, here are three movers and shakers from our portfolio this week:


Invictus Energy (ASX: IVZ) is one of the quieter achievers in our portfolio. This week it popped on no news, hitting a high of 8.7c and settling in a new average range of around 7.8c - continuing a nice upward trend over the last four weeks.

IVZ was our top energy pick for 2020, after we first took a position in September last year when it was trading at $0.049.

Currently capped at $36.5M, IVZ has a massive gas project in northern Zimbabwe comprising 9.25 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of gas plus 294 million barrels of conventional gas/condensate (gross mean unrisked).

After years of work, the company is edging closer to a farm out to drill test the project.

  • A non-binding MoU has been signed for a farm out. ✅
  • Its PEDPA has been reviewing and IVZ is awaiting sign off
  • Significant progress has been made on executing a seismic acquisition program.

All of this leads into the event we have all been waiting for - a high impact, basin opening drilling campaign to test the hydrocarbon potential of IVZ’s project.

Success on drilling this giant energy project would be truly transformational for IVZ, and with few shares on issue, we are expecting its valuation to increase as key milestones are ticked off.


In our note a few days ago we highlighted how MyFiziq (ASX: MYQ)’s share price had started running from $1 to $1.34...

Today it hit $1.86 - a pretty epic run.

MYQ has developed patented health tech that allows an individual to accurately track the dimensions of their body directly from a smartphone.

We are long term holders in MYQ and have invested multiple times over the last 12 months with the most recent investment being made at the 86c mark.

Three things we like about MYQ:

  • Health Tech is hot global thematic ✅
  • ESG credentials ✅
  • NASDAQ listing coming. ✅

MYQ is an ESG company in the hot health tech sector, with a timeline to list on the US NASDAQ - three factors that set them up for future success.


This week, Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) revealed mining magnate Gina Rinehart bought 7,241,200 shares - $47,067,800. It’s a large, but strange number... it looks to us like they were scaled back with the rest of us.

Also, VUL has once again caught the attention of our favourite German resource house, Alster.

Alster continues to place share price targets for VUL to destroy (remember $2.43... $9.50...). Alster has just just come out with a brand new target of AU$13.30.

VUL has a rich and long history of beating up Alster's price targets.

Also now with $120M in the bank, VUL is ready to start accelerating its project. The first step was to buy 100% of geothermal sub-surface consultancy company GeoThermal Engineering GmbH (GeoT).

The GeoT acquisition is but one of a sizable list of Vulcan’s promising developments announced in recent months, with more to come shortly.

We will bring you a new investment soon, in the meantime check out our portfolio of current holdings ...