A Beginners Guide to Investing in ASX Listed Small Cap Stocks

Today, we want to share with you 8 important tips we have learned throughout our investing journey, the common mistakes to avoid and tricks of the trade to help you improve your investing acumen.

Post COVID stocks to watch

With vaccines rolling out across the world, everyone is looking towards 2022 where it is expected that life will return to something more akin to normal. So, which stocks will benefit as the Australia market and the world opens again and which stocks are likely to continue to struggle?

Trading commission fee is costing you more money than you think

Australia is pretty lucky when it comes to the quality of our stock brokers, although given the large amount of money that can be made in this industry, there is always a small minority that will take advantage of the unwary.

NFT an investment megatrend? EMH - One stock to watch and … a bullish ASX

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, will become an integral part of the “tech investment megatrend” of the next decade, says the CEO of independent financial advisory and fintech organisation deVere Group.

ESG investment framework, AOU is the stock to watch and … ASX continues to move sideways

A global regulatory framework for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is now urgently required, says Nigel Green the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory and fintech organisations – deVere Group.

UFC fans get excited, LRS is the Aussie stock to watch and … the big US names report

Endeavor Group Holdings Inc, the owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) raised US$511M (AU$656) in an initial public offering (IPO) at the high end of the target range.

Why you should understand how investing works

Let’s face it, we will all retire someday and like death and taxes, it is something you really can’t ignore. That said, if you prepare for retirement, you can control when you retire and how much you retire with.

Does a strong Q1 mean a strong year ahead

Over the last 70 years, statistics on the Dow Jones Index confirms that if the first quarter of the year is bullish, it will almost certainly have a positive gain for the year.

3 stocks to watch and ... the week that was

The market continues its up and down ride, just have a look at what Dale Gillham says about it below, however there were a few small cap stocks that delivered decent news this week and saw the benefits.

Why you need to know your risk profile

As an increasing number of first-time investors enter the stock market, we are finding that they are investing in areas that are not only unsuitable for them but also their portfolio.

Amateur investor advice and … two stocks to watch

With the Deliveroo IPO on the horizon, a surge in the number of new investors jumping on the opportunity is a foregone conclusion, however it is essential for these investors to learn how the system works before engaging with it.

Deliveroo IPO … and the ASX stock that reminded people about healthcare

Deliveroo is launching its IPO on the London Stock Exchange. While the date is yet to be announced, the company is eyeing a $10BN valuation, which could make it the largest IPO in the UK in 2021.

Australian stock market still the best performing in the world

The Australian market together with South Africa continue to be the best performing stocks markets in the world and have been for over 100 years.

Facebook’s backflip is good news for Australian media … and which ASX stock has the X-factor

Elixir Energy (ASX: EXR)'s share price has been running the past two weeks and is now up to 22 cents. EXR made Mongolia’s first ever gas discovery and is now progressively unlocking a massive, clean burning, natural gas source in Mongolia.

Fake news can lead to bad investment decisions

While we are all familiar with the statement buyer beware, this can present challenges if a website looks credible and uses the credibility of a company or an individual to attract people to buy goods and services.

5 tips for handling the new stock market norm

In 2021, retail investors are asking how to profit from the stock market in this new COVID market environment. Some are questioning if the current conditions are the new normal and what this means when it comes to investing in the stock market.

What are the best returns in our portfolio?

Some of the earliest investments in our portfolio that have provided the best returns (we did months of research before we invested) include VUL (4,928%), WHK (525%), EXR (323%), MYQ (1426%).

Is silver the next GameStop?

Last week we saw a significant display of herd mentality, as masses of retail investors pushed up the price of the US stock, Gamestop. This week retail investors turned their attention to silver, attempting to push this commodity to unprecedented highs.

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