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What are the best returns in our portfolio?

Some of the earliest investments in our portfolio that have provided the best returns (we did months of research before we invested) include VUL (4,928%), WHK (525%), EXR (323%), MYQ (1426%).

Three mistakes to avoid when calculating portfolio return

The truth about portfolio performance and investment returns is a lot more complex than most people realise. Here’s three tips on better understanding how your money is performing in the market over time from Navexa.

Our Stock Picks for 2021

Our top ASX small cap stocks for 2021

REVEALED: Our Full Portfolio Unveiled

In 2020, the Next Investors evolved. Our improved model is to ONLY cover a portfolio of around 15 high conviction stocks that WE are invested in. We don’t believe in charging you subscription fees to tell you about our stocks.

Managing your portfolio in the information age

Building wealth today is more dependent than ever before on technology and data.

A beginner’s guide to stock valuation

How do you work out which stocks represent sensible long-term investments? Navexa's Navarre Trousselot dives into the world of valuing potential investments on the stock market.

Your stock portfolio: less is more

Investors have been told for decades that they need to sector invest in order to balance their portfolio across multiple sectors to achieve a good return. However, in these times of modern technology and high frequency trading, does this strategy still apply?

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