Tell Me Why: The 10 Reasons We Invested in ONE

  Email Sent On: 19-03-2021 11:13 a.m.

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Last Friday we announced our 2021 Tech Pick of the Year, Oneview Healthcare plc (ASX:ONE) - a healthcare technology company that enables ‘virtual care’ at the bedside for hospital patients.

We promised that we would provide further analysis on why we have made such a large, long term investment and called ONE our 2021 Tech Pick of the Year...

We have compiled a list of the ten reasons why we invested in:

Oneview Healthcare plc

Just click through the link at the bottom of this email to read the list.

We spent months doing our due diligence on ONE and are invested for the long term.

A couple of readers have asked us “do you sell straight after your email when the price goes up”?

The answer is NO - we are long term investors.

With the investment we have made in ONE we don’t receive our shares until at least May 2021, and even then we have voluntary escrow agreements in place meaning we can’t sell (even if we wanted to... which we don’t) - all of this info is the ONE ASX announcement from last Friday.

We also aim to hold at a minimum for 12 months to unlock the 50% capital gains tax discount.

If you look at a few of our previous investments from where we invested to where they are today, you can see that long term holding provides the best results for us:

  • 2019 Tech Whitehawk [377%]
  • 2019 Energy Elixir [656%].
  • 2020 Small Cap Vulcan [3,506%].
  • 2020 Tech Myfiziq (now Advanced Human Imaging) [1,613%].
  • 2020 Energy Invictus [165%].
  • 2020 Small Cap Euro Manganese [1,017%]
  • 2021 Small Cap Province [443%].

We continue to maintain large positions in all of these stocks.

Just like with all our investments we are going to be writing about ONE’s progress every step of the way and expect the company to deliver some solid progress over the next 6 months.

We are very excited to have invested in ONE and think that there is a huge amount of potential in the stock over the next few years.

As promised last week, here is a deeper dive on why we have invested in ONE as our 2021 Tech Pick of the Year:

The Ten Reasons we Invested in ONE


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