“Drilling” Manager Appointed - that can only mean one thing…

Noble Helium (ASX:NHE) is our next shot on goal for a long awaited, large scale, basin margin, gas drilling events in Africa. Today, NHE provided a clear signal to the market that it has now advanced to the next phase of the project by announcing the hiring of Dermot O’Keeffe as drilling exploration manager.

PFE now drilling for manganese - with a tiny enterprise value

Today PFE confirmed that it has started a new exploration drilling campaign, this time for manganese - a crucial battery metal.  PFE has already found a number of high grade rock chips (up to 44% Mn), and is now drill testing an 800m long, 5m thick outcropping of high grade manganese.  PFE is currently capped at $7.4M — a fraction of its regional manganese peer Element 25, a company actually producing manganese in the area, which is capped at $162M.

IVZ Drill Update: Regional seal and 10m to 15m potential hydrocarbon interval

Today, IVZ announced an updated to its drilling progress of Mukuyu-1. IVZ’s drill is now at 2,021m out of a planned 3,500m, with initial logging revealing a 10m to 15m potential hydrocarbon interval. This is just from the first 3 out of 7 targets.

RAS now drilling to the south of $2.1BN capped Core Lithium

Our small cap exploration Investment Ragusa Minerals (ASX: RAS) has just started drilling for lithium in the Northern Territory. RAS’s first drill hole has already been completed - and managed to hit a 35m downhole intercept of pegmatite recorded from just 16m depth below the surface.

IVZ basin opening drill at 593m out of planned 3,500m - over half way to first target at 850m

Invictus Energy (ASX: IVZ) is the biggest pre-result exploration bet we have in our Portfolio right now. Today, IVZ upgraded its prospective resource, adding an extra 1.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent across its basin margin targets (a “String of Pearls” play), the first of which it will drill after the current well.

The US is desperately seeking more domestic uranium supplies - GTR drilling now

The market seems to be taking notice of all of this with the uranium price trading near decade highs at US$52 per pound. Enter our US-based uranium exploration Investment GTI Energy (ASX: GTR), which is looking to prove up a uranium resource base in the uranium capital of USA - Wyoming, where 80% of domestic supply is produced.

Rig Ready. GGE to Test Flow Rate on US Helium Discovery

This will be done by flow testing the same well where it made the helium discovery earlier in the year. GGE is rigging up right now, with the ultimate aim of producing a commercially viable flow rate.

88E is Moving East to Chase Success

On the North Slope in the US state of Alaska, 88 Energy (ASX:88E | OTC: EEENF) has been actively exploring for oil for many years now, regularly drilling every year in the hope of making a large oil discovery.

BPM drilling restarted - tiny market cap leveraged to success

BPM is currently capped at $7.8M, has plenty of cash (~$6.8M) and is trying to follow in the footsteps of  $184M capped Rumble Resources, which it sits along strike from.

Pantera Drilling Next Month. $7.8M Market Cap. $5.8M Cash. $2M Enterprise Value

PFE has four WA exploration projects with potential for a discovery, prospective for a host of commodities including lead, zinc, iron and manganese.

PRM & GLV’s Offshore Drilling has Begun. Here’s what we’re Watching for Next

Drilling has begun at Sasanof-1 exploration well on the North West Shelf of WA. This well has been ranked amongst the Top 20 Highest Impact Wells happening anywhere on the planet in 2022… and it's happening right now.

KNI is Now Drilling for Cobalt in the EU - Three EM Targets to Aim For

Using a diamond drill rig, KNI has just started a 2,800m drilling program across 7 different holes at three of its highest priority cobalt targets.

PRM & GLV’s Drilling Equipment has been mobilised - Just a Few Weeks til Drilling Begins

Today, PRM and GLV confirmed that mobilisation for drilling had commenced. The rig is scheduled to begin moving to the well site on 16 May, ahead of the expected drilling start on 24 May.

GAL hits sulphides, assays pending, what’s to the east?

Today Galileo Mining (ASX:GAL) delivered promising preliminary results from its recent Nickel-Copper-Palladium RC drilling campaign. All six RC drillholes on GAL’s ‘Mine Lease’ prospect hit disseminated copper and nickel sulphides.

GGE’s Maiden Helium Drilling Event has Begun - Here’s what we are looking for next

Our 2021 Catalyst Hunter Pick of the Year, Grand Gulf Energy (ASX: GGE) has just started drilling its first helium exploration well.

Oil & gas crisis leads to record inflation

Those following us for a while know that we love a big oil & gas drilling event - where share prices can move wildly up or down depending on the result.

KNI Drilling 18 Days Away, Cobalt Targets Firmed Up

Our battery metals exploration investment, Kuniko (ASX:KNI), is just 18 days away from drilling a trio of big cobalt targets in Norway.

IVZ Identifies New Prospective Targets Ahead of First Well

Our 2020 Energy Pick of the Year, Invictus Energy (ASX:IVZ) is now a step closer to finally drilling the largest seismically defined, undrilled oil and gas structure in onshore Africa.

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