Commodities super cycles

Over the last few years of near zero interest rates, money was aggressively pushed into growth and consumer stocks (especially big tech) that benefit from an economy awash with easy money - pushing up those share prices to record highs.

US market swings drove a wild week on the ASX.

Tech has had a huge run over the last decade but we think now is the decade for commodities to shine.

Mainstream Media Catching on to the Commodities Supercycle

It looks like the commodities supercycle we have been predicting is now underway. We’ve been saying it's coming for a long time but are now seeing firm evidence that it's here across further recent commodity price spikes and mainstream media reports.

Inflation, US Fed Reserve, Bond Yield, Cash Buffer Portoflio

The pain in the markets continued this week, with many of our small and micro-cap stocks bearing the brunt of it. We can sense the fear in the market, but as long-term investors we remain firmly committed to our portfolio companies. As a result, what follows today is a look at how we see things playing out in the market now and into the future.

What did our investments do this week? CPH, ONE, TMZ, 88E and more...

The Next Investors weekly wrap up, covering off everything that happened in our portfolio this week.

TMZ’s Tin Asset is Suddenly Very Interesting.

Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) original tin asset is looking very interesting for a potential sale, spinout or some drilling

Overseas markets down, gold price plummets, ASX futures down 55 points

The ASX had a particularly strong run last week, but the winning streak appears to have come to an end with equities markets falling significantly across Europe and the US.

Could the ASX be in for its 5th straight daily gain?

The ASX 200 ended up 1.1% for its fourth straight daily gain yesterday. The index is now up 5.4% for the week, and with ASX SPI200 futures now up 12 points we could be in for another green day. A fifth straight day in the green would mark the index’s best week since April.

Budget as expected, Trump sends US markets into a spin, ASX futures down

With generally negative leads from overseas, the ASX SPI200 futures index looks to be on the mark, down 17 points. It appeared that consternation surrounding the budget last evening resulted in many traders sitting on the sidelines to watch the day play out and the budget to beat all budgets unfold.

US markets up despite debate debacle, iron ore surges, futures up

A strong lead from the US overnight could see a rebound today, and the ASX SPI200 futures index is pointing in that direction, up 11 points to 5813 points.

ASX Futures up 38 points following strong gains in Europe and the US

Following leads from Europe and the US, the ASX SPI200 index is up 38 points, suggesting we could see a significant bounce.

Should you invest in gold or silver?

So is gold and silver a good investment right now and where are these commodities heading in in the last quarter of 2020 and into 2021?

Tech majors lead US stocks decline, West Texas climbs again

Looking at the current state of the market, US stocks fell and Treasuries gained overnight as investors consider whether current levels of stimulus are enough for the country’s slow, but gradual economic recovery.

Will we see a switching of the guard from the tech bubble to commodities?

When the world moves into recovery mode from the COVID-19 recession, materials are likely to create the next boom, as nations focus on infrastructure to stimulate their economies.

Records continue to tumble in US, DAX surges 2%, ASX futures up 42 points

The S&P/ASX 200 index (XJO) soared 110 points on Wednesday, helping to offset three consecutive days of losses leading up to that point. Given the strength in overseas markets last night, this trend is likely to continue and the ASX SPI200 index is up 42 points.

European markets down, whilst US and Asian stock markets rally

Mixed leads from overseas with European markets down and US markets rallying, which could see a fairly uncertain start to the week.

Apple hits US$2 trillion market cap, gold price plummets, ASX futures down 15 points

The ASX SPI200 futures index is down 15 points, suggesting that the Australian stock market will take its lead from the US. However it was not all bad news, especially if you invest in Apple, as it became the first publicly listed US company to surpass the US$2 trillion market capitalisation level.

Mixed overseas markets, but little has changed with ASX futures

Overseas markets were mixed overnight, as investors assessed the prospect of additional stimulus in the US and subdued economic data in light of the record-breaking rally.

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