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Updated investor presentation


Published 07-FEB-2023 14:07 P.M.


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Our Brazilian lithium Investment Latin Resources (ASX: LRS) just released an updated investor presentation.

The updated presentation is the same one LRS presented today to investors at the Bell Potter Unearthed virtual conference.

One of the slides that stood out to us was the one on LRS’s metallurgical testwork results which shows that LRS’ project isn't just about size and scale potential but also has the potential for high recovery rates.

High recovery rates, using simple processing methods are usually precursors for low cost, highly profitable projects.

We are now looking forward to the upcoming Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) which is likely to incorporate the metwork results and give us an idea of the financial strength of LRS’s project.


To check out the updated investor presentation click here or on the image below: