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IVZ: Inching Closer to Drilling Mukuyu-2


Published 15-SEP-2023 12:00 P.M.


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Invictus Energy (ASX: IVZ) is now days away from drilling its Mukuyu-2 well in Zimbabwe.

IVZ is following up its success from last year and is about to take its second shot at making a multi billion dollar oil & gas discovery.

We saw the following Linkedin post from IVZ confirming that final preperations were underway for the drill program.

IVZ also confirmed that it would take ~50-60 days to complete the well “with the goal of declaring a material discovery”.

See what IVZ’s Managing Director Scott Macmillan had to say here.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.50.35 am

The latest IVZ coverage:

Scott was recently at the RIU Good Oil Conference in Perth last week.

Check out the presentation here:

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 11.51.00 am

IVZ also received news coverage in Zimbabwe. See that news piece here.

What’s next for IVZ?

Drilling of Mukuyu-2 🔄

IVZ expects to start drilling this month.

2D seismic across the eastern part of its acreage 🔄

IVZ recently completed its 2D seismic program across the eastern part of its project.

Processing and interpretation of the results are expected to run through to November.

Prospective resource upgrade 🔄

After the 2D seismic program’s results come in and IVZ has completed drilling Mukuyu-2, we expect to see IVZ put out an updated prospective resource estimate for its project.