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Our Big Bet for TMZ

TMZ becomes a silver producer by first proving up a large enough silver equivalent resource base that makes its "hub and spoke" development strategy feasible and then by feeding these resources through its centralised processing facility.

Investment Memo: Thomson Resources (ASX:TMZ) - LIVE

Opened: 08-Feb-2022

Shares Held at Open: 5,472,728

What does TMZ do?

Thompson Resources (ASX:TMZ) is exploring and developing Australia’s highest grade undeveloped silver asset by combining a number of previously uneconomic projects into a much larger project with a central processing hub.

What is the macro theme?

Silver is both a precious metal and an industrial metal - it typically trails the gold price, is a hedge against inflation and also a key component in the photovoltaic cells in solar panels.

Why did we invest in TMZ?

Highest grade undeveloped silver asset in Australia

TMZ spent much of 2021 in ‘quiet execution mode.’ They’ve spent a lot of time getting the metallurgy work done, necessary to produce an economic project. Should the silver price make a big move upwards the economics of the project would improve increasing the likelihood of production.

Trading at a discount relative to ASX-listed silver peers

As of October 2021, had a EV/Resource Ounce of 54 cents compared to the two other silver focussed ASX-listed peers, which came in at 85 cents and $1.19. For us, this means that pound for silver pound, TMZ could be due for an outsized re-rate if the silver price and development factors click into place.

Strong team

TMZ’s approach to their work is detailed and meticulous. TMZ’s team has decades of mining experience and we think this will aid their strategy of combining multiple different resources into a cohesive whole.

What do we expect TMZ to deliver?

Objective #1: Combine multiple deposits’ Mineral Resource Estimates to Hit 100 Moz AgEq (silver equivalent)

This is the threshold which TMZ believes it needs to hit in order to validate the project as economic. These Mineral Resource Estimates take into account all the latest data, and update the resources to the latest JORC standards. Given TMZ has multiple deposits, TMZ is in the process of updating its Mineral Resource Estimates which should help TMZ reach this threshold.

Objective #2: Complete metallurgical work

A core component of the project is understanding how to process the silver. Metallurgical work is needed to establish recovery rates at TMZ’s collection of deposits - and higher rates of recovery mean it is cheaper to pull the silver out of the ground and turn it into a finished product. We think success on the metallurgical front could unlock TMZ’s potential.

Objective #3: Move to Scoping Study/Pre-Feasibility stage

Metallurgical success may accelerate the Scoping Study and Pre-Feasibility work. The Scoping Study and Pre-Feasibility work is important for attracting institutional investors and giving the market greater confidence that the project is viable.

What could go wrong?

Market risk

Silver price takes a major hit, hurting the TMZ share price. A lower silver price hurts the chance that TMZ goes into production.

Development risk

Metallurgy work fails to find the right way to process TMZ’s resources, and they prove uneconomic.

Funding risk

Margins for success may be thin based on TMZ’s ability to secure funding. TMZ completed an institutional placement of ~$4.8M in October 2021 and subsequently secured $5M via an Equity Funding Facility which allows them to issue new shares in exchange for the ability to pull down more money as needed. TMZ’s access to funding hinges on investor sentiment towards silver, broader market sentiment towards small-caps and factors inherent to TMZ’s development progress.

What is our investment plan?

We have been holding TMZ since December 2020, our entry prices for TMZ are 8.8c and 10c

We still hold 87.7% of our total position in TMZ.

We will hold a position in TMZ to see them get into production around 2023. If objectives in this memo are achieved and the share price re-rates accordingly we will look to take some profit and de-risk our position by selling about 20% of our holding.

Disclosure: The authors of this article and owners of Next Investors, S3 Consortium Pty Ltd, and associated entities, own 5,472,728 TMZ shares and 112,500 TMZ options at the time of writing this memo. S3 Consortium Pty Ltd has been engaged by TMZ to share our commentary on the progress of our investment in TMZ over time.

Investment Milestones for TMZ

✅ Initial Investment: @ 8.3c
✅ Top Slice
🔲 Free Carry
✅ Increase Investment: @ 10c
🔲 Free Carry
🔲 Take Profit
🔲 Price increases 500% from initial entry
🔲 Price increases 1000% from initial entry
🔲 Price increases 2000% from initial entry
✅ 12 Month Capital Gain Discount
🔲 Hold remaining Position for next 2+ years

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$3.5M in funding secured


Jan 04, 2023


Investment Memo: TMZ IM-2022
Risk 3 : Funding risk

Shares Held: 5,472,748

Options Held: 1,368,190

Trust Centre

This morning our silver Investment Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) secured another funding facility from financier Lind Global Fund II.

The amount secured through the funding facility is for a total of $3.5M that TMZ can access over 12 months.

This follows from a previous agreement signed with Lind last August for ~$2.2M.

The funding facility is unique because every time TMZ draws down funds from the facility, Lind is issued TMZ shares based on a pre-determined VWAP formula.

At a very high level, it is an exchange of cash to TMZ and then TMZ shares to Lind.

The key terms of the funding facility are as follows:

  • Term of facility = 12 months with an option to extend for a further 12 months.
  • Amount available = $3.5M.
  • Initial drawdown = TMZ being extended a gross $400k ($288k net of fees) as the initial drawdown.
  • Monthly drawdowns = Lind can extend to TMZ $100k per month. TMZ can choose to reduce draw downs to $25k per month or increase them to $300k per month.

The share price that the monthly share issuances will occur will be at the lesser of the following:

  • 3c per TMZ share.
  • 90% of a 5-day volume weighted average price (VWAP) subject to a floor price of 1.8c per share.

If the share price is less than the floor price, TMZ will have the option to try and repay the amount in cash instead of through the issuance of shares.

We have seen this type of funding arrangement before and usually expect to see the monthly share issuances create some level of churn over the period of the funding facility. As a result, we think the TMZ share price could trade sideways, barring any major news that takes the company’s share price higher.

On that front, we still want to see TMZ achieve the important 100Moz silver equivalent metric, which was our #1 Objective for TMZ in our Investment Memo:

In our latest TMZ note, we detailed how we think the company could manage to hit this target. Read that note here.

These are our bull, base, and bear cases:

  • Bullish case = >100Moz AgEq
  • Base case = 90-100Moz AgEq
  • Bear = 90Moz AgEq

Sale of non-core silver asset


Dec 06, 2022


Investment Memo: TMZ IM-2022

Earlier today, our silver development Investment Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) announced an agreement to sell its non-core Texas Project.

The sale is to private company Warwick Gold Holdings (WGH), which will pay TMZ consideration of up to ~$3.5M for the project, payable as follows:

  • A$50,000 within 5 Business Days of the date of the Agreement;
  • A$150,000 on Completion; and
  • An amount equal to the Existing Bonds (~A$3.3 million), which shall be paid by WGH to Thomson by WGH paying 50% of the Net Operating Margin for the processing of minerals at the Texas Site.

Located 8km from the township of Texas in QLD, the Texas Project comprises 2 Mining Leases and 7 Exploration Permits, and incorporates processing and mining facilities.

The disposal of the Texas project enables TMZ to better focus on developing its New England Fold Belt Hub and Spoke silver gold-base metal project.

What’s next?

TMZ foreshadowed the disposal of other non-core assets, so we await details of these.

We also want to see TMZ complete all of its resource updates, as it looks to define a portfolio-wide 100M+ ounces silver equivalent JORC resource base.

First look at hub and spoke strategy economics


Oct 07, 2022


Investment Memo: TMZ IM-2022
Objective 3 : Move to Scoping Study/Pre-Feasibility stage
Risk 2 : Development risk

Our silver exploration Investment Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) has released details on the financials behind its “hub and spoke” central processing strategy.

Importantly, this was the first time we got a look at the potential project economics’ benefits as part of TMZ’s overall strategy to put its multiple deposits into production through a central processing facility, a “Hub and Spoke” strategy.

Our key takeaways:

  • Modelling is showing a positive cashflow over the 8-year project life of A$334M - this assumes a silver price of A$28/oz.
  • Modelling shows positive cashflow of $425M over 11 years - this assumes a silver price of $34/oz.

At this stage, TMZ has announced only really high level numbers and has no net present value (NPV), capital expenditure numbers, or an internal rate of return (IRR) to add further depth to this week’s announcement.

TMZ will need to keep working on its project before a more detailed scoping study can be put together.

We also noted TMZ’s commentary on overall project economics with the silver price where it is today.

TMZ didn’t include its Texas deposit in the study because it wasn't considered commercially viable at current metals prices. The study showed thin operating margins and capital costs that are above where the company needs them to be.

This doesn't come as a surprise to us, given a large part of the TMZ story is to Invest now and wait for the silver price to run, which would make its project’s a whole lot more valuable.

Tough Funding Environment


Oct 07, 2022


Investment Memo: TMZ IM-2022
Objective 1 : Combine multiple deposits’ Mineral Resource Estimates to Hit 100 Moz AgEq (silver equivalent)
Risk 3 : Funding risk

Our silver Investment, Thomson Resources (ASX:TMZ), has tapped the funding well during a difficult period for the market.

In August, TMZ secured a $2.2M share placement agreement with financier Lind Global Fund II.

This week, TMZ confirmed that it had secured an additional $400k under the same facility.

The facility has a two year maturity date and is set up in a way where TMZ can execute placements with Lind based on a specific conversion criteria.

Basically, any time a placement is agreed, TMZ issue shares to Lind at the lesser of:

  • Price A = 4.1c per share.
  • Price B = 90% of the average of the five lowest daily VWAP’s during the 20 trading days before the placement with a floor price of 1.8c per share.

The agreement has been structured so that if the company’s share price is lower than 1.8c per share, TMZ would need to repay the difference to Lind.

This means that the lowest price at which Lind would be issued shares would be 1.8c per share. In any case, we think that this type of deal creates the same level of churn as an outright placement, but over an extended period of time.

We would expect that whilst the placement agreement is in place, TMZ’s share price will continue to churn sideways.

TMZ is using the funds from the facility to push through to the important 100Moz silver equivalent metric, which was our #1 Objective for TMZ in 2022:

In our latest TMZ note, we detailed how we think the company would manage to hit this target. Read that note here.

These are our bull, base, and bear cases:

  • Bullish case = >100Moz AgEq
  • Base case = 90-100Moz AgEq
  • Bear = 90Moz AgEq

We still think that scenario is on the cards, but we’re increasingly aware of the fine margins TMZ is working with.

From time to time, risks materialise with our Investments and we highlighted the following risk in our TMZ Investment Memo:

Old drilling data to find new zones of mineralisation?


Sep 29, 2022


Investment Memo: TMZ IM-2022
Objective 1 : Combine multiple deposits’ Mineral Resource Estimates to Hit 100 Moz AgEq (silver equivalent)

Our precious metals exploration Investment Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) is looking to extend the areas of known mineralisation at its Mount Carrington project in NSW.

In its announcement yesterday, TMZ confirmed that it had relogged old diamond drillholes from 2021, identifying potentially mineralised areas beneath the already known open pit shell which contains the bulk of the Mount Carrington resource.

The significance of this is that there may be further mineralisation below, where the company previously had no data on.

TMZ confirmed that at this stage there are no assay results available but that it had sent these parts of the diamond drillcores off for testing.

The importance of all of this is that if these parts of TMZ’s project return additional mineralisation it could be added to TMZ’s resource or, alternatively, be followed up with additional drilling.

At this stage things could go either way and there is no guarantee that these assays will return anything, especially considering these are from old geotechnical drillholes done back in 2021.

What’s next for TMZ?

We want to see TMZ complete all of its resource updates and come as close to our base case target of a portfolio wide 100m ounce silver equivalent JORC resource base.

Critical minerals quickly becoming a priority in the EU

Sep 20, 2022

Macro: Commodities

Readers who follow our Investment Portfolios will know that we have been making strategic Investments in commodities that have made critical minerals lists for the EU, USA, Japan, India and Australia.

These minerals are considered critical to the digitisation and decarbonisation macro thematic and include lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel and PGE’s, to name a few.

Over the weekend, the following speech from the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, gave a speech announcing that the EU would look to pass a “European Critical Minerals Act”.

The aim is to avoid the position Europe finds itself in with oil and gas, where it relies on a single trading partner like Russia.

The act would see the EU put in place:

  1. Agreements with partners like Chile, New Zealand, Mexico, India and Australia for the supply of critical minerals.
  2. Identification of strategic projects across all along the supply chain from mine sites to processing/refining projects.
  3. The act would also see the setting up of strategic reserves of these critical minerals.

All of this bodes well for our Investments across commodities identified as “critical minerals” giving these projects strategic importance on the world stage.

To see a list of all the critical minerals in the Australian Critical Minerals strategy document, check out the following link.

Here is a snippet from that speech:

Noosa Mining Investor Conference round-up

Jul 22, 2022

Macro: Commodities

Spanning three days on the pristine Sunshine Coast of Queensland, the Noosa Mining Investor Conference kicked off its 12th year on Wednesday. Attracting a diverse and large spread of corporates, brokers, retail and institutional investors, this year’s event featured over 60 companies presenting and over 1,000 people in attendance, all hosted within the coastal town's Peppers Resort.

At the event, we caught up with a number of executives from our Investment companies (including AKN, AOU, BPM and PFE) as well as companies of interest, either as potential additions to one of our Portfolios, or to gain expert insight to macro and regional headwinds impacting the markets.

The conference is held in the ideal location to mix work with pleasure, and meet a host of CEOs of ASX juniors. Each day ends with a short ‘business at the bar’ session that quickly morphs into talking tactics about where to eat and drink. On Thursday and Friday nights, many head to the Noosa Surf Club for its networking sessions, enjoying its glassed indoor area and open deck to the beach.

We look forward to providing updates on companies we met with down the road.

China considering US$1.1 trillion infrastructure stimulus

Jul 15, 2022

Macro: Commodities

China plans to make up to US$1.1 trillion in financing available for infrastructure spending, which we think will increase commodity demand. Read the following Bloomberg article for details.

Read the full article here.

Below are our key takeaways:

  • China is making 7.2 trillion yuan ($1.1 trillion) in funds available for infrastructure spending.
  • According to Citigroup, infrastructure investment in 2022 is likely to rise by 7.7% versus 2021.
  • President Xi Jinping has called for an “all out” effort to increase infrastructure spending this year to fuel economic growth and meet a GDP growth target of around 5.5%.

The Bloomberg article touches on the impacts of China’s COVID induced lockdowns on the domestic economy.

With economic growth tipped to slow, the Chinese government is getting ready to lean on fiscal stimulus through infrastructure investment to spur economic growth.

We think this type of fiscal stimulus is likely to become a common theme in China and the West, with macro themes like decarbonisation requiring massive CAPEX.

This infrastructure spending forms part of our “commodities supercycle” investment thesis, where we see increased fiscal stimulus and CAPEX investment spurring higher demand for commodities already facing supply shortages.

Drilling commenced targeting resource growth


Jul 13, 2022

Investment Memo: TMZ IM-2022
Objective 1 : Combine multiple deposits’ Mineral Resource Estimates to Hit 100 Moz AgEq (silver equivalent)

Our precious metals exploration investment Thomson Resources’ (ASX:TMZ) has just kicked off another round of drilling at its silver project on the NSW and QLD border.

Drilling commenced today in and around TMZ’s “Silver Spur” resource which currently sits at 3.3M ounces silver equivalent at a silver equivalent grade of 156 g/t.

TMZ is planning an initial 2,000m of RC and diamond drilling to test for extensions to the current resource both at depth and along strike.

Most of the drilling will be focused on the drilling targets that TMZ put together after some geophysical surveys which highlighted seven clusters of chargeability anomalies that have never been tested previously.

More specifically these clusters centre around the historic Silver Spur mine where mineralisation seems to be trending in the direction of TMZ’s Twin Hills deposit where TMZ holds a silver equivalent resource of ~10.3M ounces.

Today’s news fits in with our Objective #1 of our 2022 Investment Memo — TMZ to deliver a total combined resource across its silver deposits of ~100 million silver equivalent ounces.

Presently, TMZ’s overall resource sits at 87.1M silver equivalent ounces at a silver equivalent grade of 119 g/t.

We hope that this round of drilling can add to that resource as TMZ works towards achieving one of our key objectives for the year.

China considering US$220Bn in infrastructure stimulus

Jul 08, 2022

Macro: Commodities

The following Bloomberg article highlights China’s plan to spend up to US$220 billion to spur economic growth through infrastructure spending.

All of this new infrastructure will require more commodities.

Read the full article here.

Below are our key takeaways:

  • China’s Ministry of Finance is considering US$220 billion of infrastructure funding aimed at shoring up the country’s beleaguered economy.

  • The funding is to be brought forward from next year’s quota, marking the first time the issuance has been brought forward due to concerns around the dire state of the world’s second largest economy.

  • The funding would primarily be used on infrastructure spending to boost an economy hit by Covid lockdowns and a housing downturn.

  • Commodities rallied in European trading hours following the news, with copper moving 3.6% higher on the London Metal Exchange.

For over two years, we have been writing about an upcoming commodities supercycle brought about by infrastructure spending, following decades of underinvestment in the “real economy”.

All this investment in the “real economy” requires raw materials, which is why we think the macro backdrop for commodities over the next decade is strong.

The Bloomberg article highlights the readiness of the Chinese government to lean on fiscal stimulus to spur economic growth at a time when the Chinese economy is slowing down.

Generally, governments would try to respond to slowdowns in economic growth by cutting interest rates. With this tool exhausted after the COVID pandemic, we think infrastructure spending will become the new policy of choice for governments worldwide.

Again, this infrastructure spending will increase demand for commodities which we expect will take commodity prices higher.

VW CEO breaks down batteries and supply chain issues

Jul 08, 2022

Macro: Commodities

The following Bloomberg article showcases the moves major carmaker Volkswagen is making in the batteries industry.

Read the full article here.

Below are our key takeaways:

  • VW is pressing forward with investments along its battery supply chain, commencing construction at a new cell factory in Salzgitter, Germany, one of five facilities in Europe under the carmaker’s PowerCo subsidiary.
  • Salzgitter is home to VW’s main motor factory, and it is where the company last year opened an $80 million facility to research, develop and test EV batteries.
  • Roughly $2 billion will be invested in the new cell factory, where production is scheduled to begin in 2025.
  • VW expects its battery business to generate €20 billion in revenue by the end of this decade.
  • VW CEO Herbert Diess said, “We are invested in some startups and we are looking forward to a joint venture together with Bosch for the machine tools and equipment for those plants, so we’re really gearing up to become one of the bigger battery cell producers”.

The news is just another sign that downstream investment in battery supply chains is showing no signs of slowing down.

VW is one of the world's largest carmakers and is heavily investing in downstream production capacity. It expects this part of its business to generate over €20 billion in revenues by the end of the decade.

This is a situation where investment in midstream/downstream (manufacturing/battery industry) is far ahead of upstream investment (mining), this leads to the supply/demand imbalances for the raw materials required to produce batteries only becoming worse.

The imbalance comes from the timing of these mega projects. Building a downstream / midstream facility could take 1-4 years whereas it takes around 7 years on average to bring a new resource discovery into the production stage.

As a result, we think that raw materials prices will remain high for at least the next decade whilst the mining industry catches up to demand.

Mt Carrington restated MRE gets TMZ close to 100Moz target


Jun 22, 2022


Investment Memo: TMZ 2022

Objective #1: Combine multiple deposits’ Mineral Resource Estimates to Hit 100 Moz AgEq (silver equivalent)

Today, our silver exploration Investment Thomson Resources (ASX:TMZ) released its restated Mt Carrington MRE to include base metals.

This gets TMZ mighty close to hitting the important 100Moz silver equivalent target that TMZ thinks is needed to make their “Hub and Spoke” strategy work.

The fresh look at Mt Carrington increases TMZ’s total resource base to 22.8 Mt at 119 g/t silver equivalent for 87.1 Moz of silver equivalent across the various deposits that TMZ is working with.

This 21% increase in tonnes was driven by a 2% increase in gold ounces, 17% increase in silver ounces and 100% increase in the zinc and copper tonnes.

We flagged how zinc and copper would be an important part of the Mt Carrington restated MRE given they had a good swathe of historical zinc and copper hits to incorporate.

Importantly, this was from just the Kylo and Strauss deposits at Mt Carrington with a cohesive and Mt Carrington-wide polymetallic resource to come.

We set out our bull, base and bear cases for TMZ in our latest note which can be found below:

What’s next for TMZ: We want to see TMZ complete all of its resource updates and come as close to our base case target of a portfolio wide 100m ounce silver equivalent JORC resource base. With metallurgical testwork ongoing, we are watching to see what comes from the rest of the Mt Carrington deposits (Guy Bell-Carrington-Lady Hampden-Silver King-White Rock).

Drill targets identified, rig on its way


May 31, 2022


TMZ: Drill targets identified, rig on its way

Investment Memo: TMZ IM

General: Drilling update

Today our precious metals development investment Thomson Resources’ (ASX:TMZ) announced results from their latest geophysical survey delivering “compelling high priority targets” at their Texas project in southern QLD.

Drilling will commence shortly to see what lies below at Texas, particularly at the Twin Hills and Silver Spur deposits.

Today’s news fits in with our Objective #1 of our 2022 Investment Memo - for TMZ to deliver a total combined resource across its silver deposits of ~100 million silver equivalent ounces. Presently, TMZ sits at ~40.2 million silver equivalent ounces. The hope is that the new drilling campaign will find more resources that can be added to the current tally.

Next news we are keen to see are the assay results from this drilling, which should be available in the next quarter.

Mt Carrington silver/gold deal terms revised


May 24, 2022


Investment Memo: TMZ IM

General: Project acquisition

Yesterday our precious metals development investment Thomson Resources’ (ASX:TMZ) announced a revision to its Mt Carrington agreement with White Rock Minerals (ASX:WRM).

The amendment allows TMZ to focus expenditure on advancing the Mt Carrington Polymetallic Project, thereby providing a pathway to earning up to 70% of the project.

Thomson will initially focus on integrating the known gold-silver-zinc-copper mineralisation at Mt Carrington into its Mineral Resource Estimates.

This fits in with our Objective #1 of our 2022 Investment Memo - for TMZ to deliver a total combined resource across its silver deposits of ~100 million silver equivalent ounces. Presently, TMZ sits at ~40.2 million silver equivalent ounces.

The Amended Agreement changes the earn-in structure to now be a 2-stage exploration earn in and option to joint venture whereby Thomson can earn in up to 70% of White Rock’s Mt Carrington project:

  • Stage 1 – Thomson earning 51%

Thomson to complete at least $5M in expenditure, by March 2025;

  • Stage 2 – Thomson can elect to earn a further 19%:

Thomson to complete at least a further $2,000,000 in expenditure, by March 2027;

White Rock is free-carried through the exploration earn-in period.

TMZ’s CEO David Williams provided some insight on the news yesterday.

Next up, we’re awaiting more resources to be added to the current JORC resource to draw nearer to the 100Moz silver-equivalent goal.

Convertible note deal terminated, $3.8M raised via placement


Apr 19, 2022


This morning our silver exploration investment Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) announced that it had cancelled the previously announced convertible note financing arrangement and instead raised $3.8M via a placement @ 4.1c per share.

Just a few weeks ago we wrote about the convertible note agreement TMZ had managed to raise $3M through.

In that Quick Take we detailed how we thought the convertible note agreement could put more pressure on the company’s share price in the short to medium term.

In today’s announcement, TMZ has completely cancelled that deal and has instead raised $3.8M via a direct placement.

This placement takes away the risk of conversions from the note creating selling pressure.

To summarise, we think the cancellation of the convertible note agreement is a good move and with the $3.8M placement @ 4.1c due to be settled on the 22nd of April, we suspect the share price will move closer to the placement price in the short term.

What’s next for TMZ: We want to see TMZ complete all of the resource updates as part of its Hub and Spoke strategy at its Silver projects.

TMZ:Positive metallurgy from historic intercepts, MRE coming


Apr 06, 2022


Today our precious metals development investment Thomson Resources’ (ASX:TMZ) put out its updated interpretation of the historic drilling results at its Webbs silver deposit.

This news comes ahead of its final JORC 2012 mineral resource estimate (MRE), which is well advanced and due this quarter.

The newly interpreted data was used to produce a new 3D geological model of the deposit and we think it is likely to have significantly improved TMZ’s geological understanding of the deposit.

This is effectively TMZ taking all of the drilling data and putting it into a modern software suite that can model the resource based on all of the input data. This is normally then used to put together future exploration programs and try to work out which parts of a deposit should be targeted with drilling to test for extensions.

The image below really helps visualise this for us:

At the same time, TMZ also confirmed the previous metallurgical testwork done by the CORE Resources which returned a ~87.3% recovery of silver which should mean a large part of the drilling data can be put into an updated resource estimate for the project.

TMZ is now moving forward with the updated resource estimate for the Webbs project and expects to have it delivered before the end of this quarter.

We note that the previous resource estimate over the Webbs deposit which was put together by previous owner Silver Mines had a silver resource of ~16.5m silver equivalent ounces, so we will be hoping TMZ’s work will lead to an upgrade to the total silver equivalent figure.

Objective #1 of our 2022 Investment Memo is to see TMZ go on and deliver a total combined resource across its silver deposits of ~100 million silver equivalent ounces. At the moment TMZ sits at ~40.2 million silver equivalent ounces.

We will now be watching to see what number the Webbs resource estimate comes in at.

Here is why we invested in TMZ and what we expect them to achieve in 2022 - TMZ Investment Memo.

Another $3M raised via a convertible note


Mar 30, 2022


Earlier this week, TMZ announced that it has secured a $3M capital raise via a convertible note agreement. This comes in addition to the $2.6M raised with Patras Capital via a similar funding agreement earlier this month.

These capital raises provide cash in the bank to execute on delivering resource updates across its project portfolio. We listed these resource updates as our primary objective for TMZ to achieve in 2022 in our 2022 TMZ Investment Memo which can be viewed here. Specifically, we are looking to see TMZ combine multiple deposits’ Mineral Resource Estimates to hit 100 Moz AgEq (silver equivalent).

Below are the key terms of the latest convertible note:

The Patras Capital funding agreement was structured similarly where conversions are being made below a 6.9c benchmark price.

We suspect that the two capital raises combined with the recent selling from major shareholder SVL will put some pressure on the share price of TMZ over the coming months as the funds are converted into shares at discounts to the market price.

What’s next: We want to see TMZ complete all of the resource updates as part of its hub and spoke strategy at its Silver projects.

On the path to 100Moz Silver Eq. Resource in 2022


Mar 25, 2022

It was good to catch up with David Williams, chairman of our silver investment Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ), following his presentation at the Brisbane Mining and Energy Conference yesterday.

TMZ has its hands on Australia’s highest grade, undeveloped silver asset - a good place to be with positive sentiment returning of late for precious metals as a safe haven/ anti-inflationary investment.

David provided us an update on their near-term ambitions to build a 100Moz silver equivalent (AgEq) resource feeding a central processing facility in NSW’s Lachlan Fold Belt. That ties in with our main objective we’d like to see TMZ deliver this year, as per our Investment Memo.

David mentioned that TMZ recently doubled its total JORC AgEq resources to 40.2Moz. There are also over 78Moz AgEq in outdated resource estimates across several projects that they are working on bringing into JORC standard quickly. We anticipate that the 100Moz AgEq resource should be ready by Christmas this year.

We also received an updated development timeline. TMZ should commence a pre-feasibility study on their flagship project this year, with a view to a definitive feasibility study commencing later in 2023.

We look forward to seeing the first resource update in the months ahead.

Major shareholder Silver Mines sells $206k in shares on market


Mar 17, 2022

TMZ has confirmed that its major shareholder Silver Mines had sold $206k in shares on market at 6c per share, leaving them with ~58.6m shares (9.98% of TMZ).

With such a large shareholding we would prefer to see Silver Mines exit via a block trade whereby someone buys their entire shareholding via one transaction as opposed to continuous selling pressure on market, which may put downward pressure on TMZ’s share price.

Generally, major shareholders who own >5% of a company will need to lodge any changes to their shareholdings within ~2 business days. With the first sale being made on the 11 March we will be watching to see if Silver Mines continue to slowly sell on market over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, TMZ is working on updating its mineral resource estimates across its deposits as it aims to reach the milestone combined 100 million ounce silver JORC resource.

The updated resource estimates are objective #1 in our 2022 Investment Memo for TMZ, to view the remaining two objectives we have set for the company in 2022 click here.

$2.6M placement with strategic investment fund


Mar 08, 2022

Today, TMZ announced a $2.6M placement with energy and resources focused institutional investor Patras Capital.

The placement is split into 4 separate tranches meaning TMZ will get the $2.6M over a 4 month period with the first $650k received today.

The placement is being done at a 15% discount to a “benchmark price” set by TMZ at 6.9c meaning the first $650k was placed to Patras at 6c/share. Patras will also be receiving listed TMZOA options on a 1:2 basis (1 listed option for every 2 shares issued).

We generally prefer simple cap raise structures, but at least this give TMZ to raise subsequent tranches at less dilutive share price levels during a time when silver (and all precious metals) prices are likely to rise (which would likely improve TMZ’s share price)

TMZ is currently in the middle of updating its resource estimates across its deposits so the extra funding comes at a good time, check out our 2022 Investment Memo here to see what we want to see TMZ achieve in 2022:

MRE for Texas Silver District


Mar 01, 2022

It’s a positive that TMZ got its Texas updated JORC 2012 MRE out on time for Texas.

It now means that TMZ has 40.2 Moz AgEq combined after the Conrad MRE which had 20.7 Moz AgEq.

We’re looking for the completion of the remaining MRE update for Webbs and we think TMZ may now need to drill to hit the 100Moz AgEq nark to do so.

That 100Moz AgEq threshold forms Key Objective #1 in our TMZ Investment Memo.

TMZ has flagged a geophysics program is advancing at Texas so we believe there could be some drilling upside to come there.

TMZ moves methodically, but it’s our view that this is necessary to advance Australia’s highest grade undeveloped silver resource.

The silver price got as high as US$25.60 an ounce on February 24.

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