Our Top Two Stocks to Cop a Post-Drop Price Pop

  Email Sent On: 05-03-2021 14:25 p.m.

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What a shocking few days on the market - it’s a bloodbath out there.

For anyone new to the game it can be tough to experience your first market correction - especially if you have only seen stocks going up.

The market might bounce back next week or might keep going down - nobody actually knows.

We certainly don’t.

What we DO know is that high quality stocks in hot sectors don’t fundamentally change just because markets cause short term share price fluctuations.

A lot of great stocks have been smashed this week, but the fundamental reasons we invested have not changed, and neither have the macro themes.

We haven't sold a single share this week.

Here are two stocks from our portfolio that recently released VERY positive news...

Unfortunately the timing of this news was just as people started freaking out from the global markets drop.

An increase in market sentiment next week could see them come roaring back.


Euro Manganese Inc (ASX:EMN) just last week announced that European Union government backed entity EIT InnoEnergy will invest €250,000 to fast track EMN’s project AND also help EMN secure up to €362M to develop their project.

EMN also just announced a planned listing on the US market which should launch in the near term and get the company on the radar of a much larger US investor base - EMN reckons they have had a lot of interest from US investors which drove them to launch a US listing.

The European electric battery metals theme is our strongest investment thesis of the next 10 years - here a reminder of why EMN is best placed to ride that wave:



Around 10 days ago GAL launched a diamond drilling campaign targeting a large EM target in the Fraser Range of WA - the hottest nickel address in Australia.

Up to 1,000m of diamond drilling is happening RIGHT NOW, and the company could literally be days away from a company making nickel discovery.

However the share price is down 25% in the last two days alone...

Beyond the current drilling campaign, GAL has a pipeline of exciting drill targets for future campaigns, and a highly experienced management team adept at making massive nickel discoveries in the Fraser Range.

Nickel is still an important commodity in future proof applications like electric vehicle batteries.

Here is a link to where we recently increased our holdings in GAL in January:


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