Whoever has the gold makes the rules

Quarterly reports for our Portfolio companies have all now been released so we know how much money each company has left. Given the market is pretty rough right now and it’s hard to raise capital, companies are ideally sitting on enough money to ride out the tough market conditions.

Gas explorer sitting in a busy neighbourhood

TEE released an operational update that put into perspective where the company sits in the project lifecycle right now.

Why do small-caps take so long to execute?

When investing in a new company, people often expect the management team to quickly and elegantly deliver their key milestones, assuming no problems or delays at all.

A Beginners Guide to Investing in ASX Listed Small Cap Stocks

Today, we want to share with you 8 important tips we have learned throughout our investing journey, the common mistakes to avoid and tricks of the trade to help you improve your investing acumen.

Top 4 Small Cap Stocks drilling now (or very soon) | June 2022

So you’re here because you want to learn about the small cap stocks that are drilling right now. These are companies that have near-term share price catalysts - the share price results can skyrocket or be disappointing.

Share price moves on expected vs unexpected announcements

We invest for 1,000% gains — holding a basket of small cap stocks where we hope a couple will deliver an outsized return over time.

Small cap market showing signs of waking up

The small cap market is showing signs of waking up after a few limp weeks marking another yet another rally after a period of weakness.

Amateur investor advice and … two stocks to watch

With the Deliveroo IPO on the horizon, a surge in the number of new investors jumping on the opportunity is a foregone conclusion, however it is essential for these investors to learn how the system works before engaging with it.

This ASX Stock is Now Cheaper than Where We Last Invested

A few weeks ago we invested more in Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX: VUL) via the placement at $6.50 - as a long term hold. VUL’s share price has just come back to around the placement price, which often happens for a little while as the market digests the newly issued stock.

Explainer: What is a market cap and why is it important?

Whilst the first visual point of call when observing a publicly traded company online is its share price and chart, perhaps the most indicative and telling value for any investor is the market capitalisation.

FYI Resources shaping up as the real deal in HPA industry

Investors looking to identify a quality emerging player in the High Purity Aluminium (HPA) space should look closely at FYI Resources (ASX:FYI) as it ticks most of the boxes in terms of possessing a high-quality resource, state-of-the-art production technology and the potential to target multiple high growth industries.

How we Analyse and Choose our Stock Picks

"Small cap stocks" are tiny, early stage ASX listed companies, many in resources, energy or technology that have potential for 1,000%-plus gains. Our comprehensive ebook will teach you how to invest in these stocks.

Our Latest Portfolio Addition: Australia’s Highest Grade Undeveloped Silver Asset

We have been reviewing dozens of companies over recent weeks, scouring the market in order to find the best small cap stocks with the ability to give us long term growth - that have the potential for large % gains, just like our other portfolio picks. Welcome Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ).

Friday Stock Pick: Will it Happen Again...

88 Energy (ASX: 88E) is a junior oil explorer that is determined to hit the next multi-billion barrel oil discovery on the North Slope of Alaska. Today, 88E announced that a group of US oil investors have agreed to pay for almost the entire drilling cost of the next well (up to US$11.3M) - in return to earn 50% of the project.

Short Term Trade Update: What’s Happening to the CPH Share Price?

We put out a short note on Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH) to some of you that might have previously invested in the stock and not had a positive experience. After a couple of false starts, our plan is to ride this momentum over the coming weeks and hopefully recoup some of our previous losses.

Three small caps to watch after quarterlies, Spotify grows larger… and what will the US election bring?

Spotify has enjoyed huge growth in 2020, with its share price climbing more than 80%, as the number of premium subscribers to the company’s music streaming service has continued to grow rapidly despite the economic hit from the pandemic.

Why do small caps often recover faster than blue chip stocks?

Navexa's Navarre Trousselot looks at a type of stock that, historically at least, has a record of bouncing back harder and faster than others.

It’s the end of Target as we know it ... but the big winner this week is energy

Wesfarmers (ASX: WES) will closure or convert up to 167 of Target’s 289 stores, with 92 of these stores becoming Kmart locations.

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