MNB building phosphate (fertiliser) mine as prices at record levels

We like MNB because its phosphate fertiliser project in Angola looked like it could be constructed quickly and brought into production at a modest cost. Now, against a backdrop of record fertiliser prices, MNB today released its long awaited Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS). The DFS showed us some firm numbers to build the mine, along with calculations around the project’s value, with first production now scheduled for late 2023.

EMN DFS delivers US$1.34 billion post-tax Net Present Value

Our European battery metals Investment Euro Manganese (ASX:EMN) released its long awaited Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) last week, giving us an in-depth look at the metrics behind EMN’s high purity manganese project in the Czech Republic.

Vulcan gathers highly-credentialed team to complete DFS

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has informed the market of the addition of specialist engineers and chemical experts to its DFS team.

Institutional investors likely to chase FYI after MSCI inclusion

FYI Resources has been added to the MSCI Australia Micro Cap Index, bringing it under the eye of global institutional investors

Vulcan’s Pilot Plant is now operational

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has today announced that its DLE Pilot Plant to demonstrate lithium extraction from live geothermal brine is now operational.

FYI’s HPA project now worth more than US$1 billion

FYI Resources (ASX: FYI) has released an updated definitive feasibility study (DFS) in relation to its high purity alumina (HPA) project.

Vulcan brine sample features high grade lithium with low impurities

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has received promising sample results from a recently drilled geothermal well in the Upper Rhine Valley.

FYI impresses Alcoa, a likely near term offtake partner

FYI Resources (ASX: FYI) has delivered analytical results indicating more than 99.998% Al2O3 purity was achieved in a HPA pilot trial

Minbos delivers on all fronts as shares surge 40%

Minbos Resources has executed the Mineral Investment Contract required for the Cabinda Phosphate Project in Angola

A retail investors guide to all things ‘Pre-Feasibility Study’

The pre-feasibility is an early-stage analysis of a potential mining project. The PFS is designed to provide company stakeholders with key information such as logistics, capital requirements, and key challenges; all needed to help guide the decision-making process.

Minbos looking strong on both corporate and operational levels

Minbos (ASX: MNB) has been working towards strengthening the company’s board, ensuring that it has the right balance of operational expertise and administrative capabilities as it moves closer to the finalisation of studies, construction, production and distribution.

Progress at Livingstone complements Kingston’s Misima Project

Kingston Resources (ASX: KSN) has released promising drilling results from its Livingstone Gold Project in Western Australia.

Minbos laying the ground work for DFS at Cabinda Phosphate Project

On Monday, Minbos (ASX: MNB) announced the appointment of DRA Global to provide engineering and design services for the Cabinda Project as it kicks its DFS into gear.

Minbos shares fire up as company progresses towards DFS stage

Minbos (ASX: MNB) has signed a contract with FEECO International for the basic engineering package for the Cabinda Phosphate Project.

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