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PFE:Standard lithium commits $1.3B to lithium plant at Smackover


Published 15-SEP-2023 11:00 A.M.


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Earlier this week ~$770M CAD capped Standard Lithium purchased ~118 acres of land in South West Arkansas, where the company plans to build a US$1.3BN lithium processing plant.

Standard Lithium is one of the many majors operating in the Smackover Basin in USA.

Our exposure to the region is Panterra Minereals (ASX: PFE) which recently acquired a 35% interest in projects in the region.

PFE joins other majors in the Smackover Formation, including:

  • US$474BN Exxon
  • US$22BN Albemarle
  • US$768M Standard Lithium
  • US$835M Tetra Technologies
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Standard expects to have its plant in construction by the start of 2025 and in production by 2027.

See the full article on Standards move here:

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See our latest PFE note to see our take on PFE’s 35% interest in the Smackover Basin, USA here: Pantera enters the Smackover- Next to $435BN “lithium hopeful” … uhhh Exxon Mobil?