VUL continues to execute as sustainable lithium demand surges. So what’s next?

Our investment Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL) has delivered everything it said they would do over the two years since we first invested. Heading into 2022, the company shows no signs of slowing down in achieving dual production of renewable energy and battery quality lithium chemicals with net zero carbon footprint.

Australia bets big on Hydrogen at COP26, investment in companies that solve problems

If you’ve followed our investments closely - or even if you are new, we think you’ll find that we have positions across the macro themes; emissions, healthcare, inflation

VUL Short Squeeze - Here’s Why

Here is why we think the Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL) share price could spike UPWARDS today and close at an all time high - as a GameStop style “short squeeze” may force up to an extra $20,000,000 of BUYING in VUL IN ADDITION to its usual trading volumes.

VUL signs third major offtake in 90 days

Our favourite investment and 2020 Small Cap Pick of the Year Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL) just signed its THIRD offtake agreement in 90 days for its unique, environmentally friendly Zero Carbon lithium - just as the lithium price hits another new high and the global “Net Zero” movement gains pace.

VUL Now Entering The Big Leagues

Our 2020 small cap Pick of the Year Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL) is no longer so small, and now looks set to get even bigger. VUL just announced that a 430 year old investment bank is going to list the company on the main German stock exchange, opening them up to huge amounts of new capital by providing access to German and European institutional investors.

VUL Signs ANOTHER Lithium offtake - this time worth up to US$255M per year

Our best performing investment Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX: VUL) today announced ANOTHER offtake agreement - the second in the space of 14 days… yes seriously.

Vulcan continues to get “Climate Active”

In a further boost to Vulcan Energy’s (ASX: VUL) green credentials, its Australian business has now been certified as carbon neutral by Climate Active.

Vulcan Energy appoints lithium expert to lead its team in Germany

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has appointed one of the world’s leading experts in lithium extraction from geothermal brines. Dr. Stephen Harrison has been appointed by VUL as Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

And our Next Investment is… Going to be Announced in the Coming Weeks

In the last 3 months nearly 100 companies have been introduced to us or have approached us wanting to join our portfolio and to be seen by you, our readers. We have no new investment to announce today.

Vulcan makes third important appointment, adding industry expertise

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has appointed experienced German chemicals industry executive Dr. Heidi Grön as Non-Executive Director.

Vulcan to use Circulor's full traceability and dynamic CO2 measurement solution

In a world-first for the lithium sector, Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) is to use Circulor's full traceability and dynamic CO2 measurement solution for Zero Carbon LithiumTM across the European Lithium-ion battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) supply chain.

Former Tesla Head of Battery and Energy Supply Chain joins VUL

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has appointed a former Tesla executive to provide consulting services to Vulcan in relation to the lithium market, battery supply chain and offtake.

New Vulcan appointment was critical in shaping EU vehicle CO2 standards

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has appointed Ms. Poliscanova as an advisor, a person who was involved in shaping EU vehicle CO2 standards.

Vulcan brine sample features high grade lithium with low impurities

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has received promising sample results from a recently drilled geothermal well in the Upper Rhine Valley.

Vulcan forges valuable relationship with DuPont

Vulcan Energy (ASX: VUL) has negotiated a collaborative agreement with DuPont Water Solutions, a leader in water filtration technologies.

Vulcan builds strategic license holding in Upper Rhine Valley

Today, Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (ASX: VUL) announced that a binding agreement has been signed to acquire 100% of Global Geothermal Holding UG (GGH), further consolidating the company’s strategic license holdings in the Upper Rhine Valley.

Vulcan acquires GeoT, world leading geothermal consulting team

Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (ASX: VUL) has released an announcement today, outlining the binding agreement signed to acquire 100% of geothermal sub-surface consultancy company GeoThermal Engineering GmbH (GeoT).

Vulcan ASX Bags $120M Bucks from Big Name Backers and Banking Behemoth

Vulcan Energy Resources Ltd (ASX:VUL), Our 2020 “Top Pick of the Year” has just raised $120M. This investment into VUL came via “Hancock Prospecting” - the most successful Australian private investment company in history.

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