ROO Chases Plant Based Meat Opportunities Following Key Hire

Roots Sustainable Agriculture Technologies Ltd (ASX: ROO) new plant-based meat department will focus on collaboration with industry partners to further commercialise RZTO technology with growers and manufacturers.

ROO Secures Italian Distributor with Multi-Million Dollar Sales Targets

Roots has signed an exclusive sales agreement with Cairo & Doutcher to sell a minimum of five Root Zone Temperature Optimization (RZTO) systems during 2020 and to increase sales over the next three years.

Could Roots’ Recent Positive Results Impact the $240BN Fake Meat Market?

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd (ASX:ROO) is developing a unique technology that is having a positive impact on agricultural issues caused by climate change.climate change.

A Seed to Sale Story: CropLogic Harvest Delivers First Hemp Biomass Shipment

Harvesting is underway at CropLogic Limited’s (ASX:CLI) hemp trial farm in central Oregon.

The Artificial Meat Industry is Surging: Roots Set to Deliver

The artificial meat market has continued to grow at a startling pace, as consumers wake up to the health and environmental impacts of eating meat.

CLI’s Strategic Move into Hemp CBD is Paying Off

Making waves in the ASX pot stock space is award-winning global agronomy, farm management and agtech company, CropLogic Limited (ASX:CLI) — it's been on a run, making higher-highs and higher-lows since February and rewarding shareholders with a more than 550% gain all up.

#VEGAN: ROO Launches into $27B Plant Based Meat Market

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Limited (ASX: ROO) has just begun a planting program to examine the effects of its RZTO and IBC technologies on several protein-laden crops, including peas and beans, to increase the content of leghemoglobin – also known as “heme” — a form of haemoglobin in plants and the key ingredient in what makes plant-based meats so tasty.

Roots Amasses Further US Cannabis Sector Sales

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) has today penned a new US sales agreement with a Californian cannabis producer, delivering technology that brings measurable yield improvements for cannabis crops..

Agtech Junior onto a Winner as it Looks to Service Booming CBD Industry

It was early February when we last checked in with CropLogic Ltd (ASX:CLI), its work in that time has proven to be a catalyst for the company’s share price.

Ag-Tech Provider Roots Extends its US Footprint with Another Sale to a Cannabis Producer

Roots (ASX:ROO) has secured a second sale of its Root Zone Temperature Optimisation (RZTO) heating and cooling system in America.

CLI to Begin Trial Farming of Industrial Hemp

ASX ag-tech junior, CropLogic (ASX:CLI) is only just starting its journey in the hemp market, but already has big plans to crop 100-150 acres of hemp in Oregon in 2019.

Ag-tech Innovator Roots Ramps Up Cutting-Edge Root Zone Cooling Technology Commercialisation

Roots Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) is developing and commercialising disruptive, modular technologies to solve major problems in modern agriculture, such as water shortages and food production security.

ASX AgTech Stock Hits 5x Growth in Take Up of its Technology

On award-winning ASX ag-tech junior has combined agronomy and technology to deliver a real-time industry leading soil monitoring solution that combines cutting edge software with robust sensory probes to optimise crop yield and results.

ROO’s RZTO Tech Produces Bigger Lettuce Crops, Faster

Roots Agricultural Technologies’ (ASX:ROO) RZTO cooling technology is showing a 132% increase in lettuce leaf weight, with a significantly reduced growing cycle.

ROO Plants Seeds for Rapid Growth with Pot Proof-of-Concept

Since we last checked in with rapidly blossoming ag-tech play, Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO), it has been flush with good news.

ROO Signs Second Deal to Cement its Place in Medical Cannabis Industry

Roots (ASX:ROO) has reached an agreement with Canndoc Limited, one of Israel’s leading medical cannabis growers, to use its technology to conduct a world-first proof of concept to cool medical cannabis roots grown in a greenhouse in northern Israel.

ROO Makes Strategic Ag-Tech Play for a Slice of the Projected $31B Marijuana Market

Roots (ASX:ROO) is launching into the medical cannabis market, after reaching an agreement to conduct a pilot with American Farms Consulting LLC (AFC) to use its patented Root Zone Temperature Optimisation (RZTO) technology.

AgTech ROO on Direct Path to Commercialisation in $10 Billion AgriFood Industry

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) is looking to capitalise in the AgriFood space, which saw more than $10 billion in investment last year.

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