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Published 08-MAR-2023 13:56 P.M.


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Our US-based lithium Investment Mandrake Resources (ASX: MAN) has just put out an updated investor presentation on its lithium brine project.

MAN has so far managed to secure ~56,000 acres of ground in Utah, USA, in the ‘lithium four corners’ Paradox Basin, and is actively staking more ground.

MAN’s project sits in the same neighbourhood as ASX-listed $248M lithium explorer Anson Resources and has attracted a cornerstone investment from $364M Galan Lithium.

Galan holds a ~5.85% stake in MAN which it paid $1.5M for (at a share price of 5c per share).

Since then Galan has been buying shares on market at an average price of ~5.6c per share, above the current MAN share price.

To see the full presentation click here or on the image below:


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