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BOD making progress with Aqua Phase tech


Published 23-MAY-2023 16:35 P.M.


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Today, our medicinal cannabis Investment, BOD Science (ASX:BOD) announced positive updates out of its Aqua Phase program.

Aqua Phase is a potentially breakthrough technology that could radically improve the bioavailability of CBD medications, amongst other potential commercial applications.

A common problem of many CBD products is that large amounts of the active ingredient are needed because the body doesn’t absorb it very well through the gastrointestinal tract.

And in today’s update, BOD outlined what it is doing to prove out Aqua Phase’s ability to improve bioavailability through two ongoing Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies.

These studies essentially test how well an active ingredient travels throughout the body, and give researchers a better understanding of how a given drug is absorbed.

The first of these BOD PK studies is due to be completed by the end of June and has 10 volunteers, with ethics approval granted today.

The second BOD PK study should be complete by the end of July and has 12 volunteers.

Together these two PK studies, if successful, will satisfy milestone payments for the Aqua Phase acquisition which we covered in our recent BOD note.

We see Aqua Phase as a big blue sky opportunity for the company - so we are hoping that the PK studies go well.

In further positive news, BOD said that Ultraviolet (UV) analysis conducted by a UK university had shown that the solubility of Aqua Phase CBD has produced good evidence that solubility is significantly increased by Aqua Phase.

This could be an early sign that the Aqua Phase technology will prove to be a valuable addition to BOD’s portfolio of cannabis derived treatments.

What’s next for BOD?

We’re particularly keen to get an update on BOD’s Phase IIb clinical trial on its CBD product for insomnia. A successful outcome from this trial followed by a TGA approved Schedule 3 product for the Australian market delivered by BOD would be a significant boon for the company. Not just in terms of potential revenues, but also as an endorsement of the clinical effectiveness of BOD’s products more generally.