Why are We Staying Up to 3am Tonight?

  Email Sent On: 09-12-2020 04:00 a.m.

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The EU Climate Summit Starts in a Few Hours

European Union leaders will shortly gather at the EU Climate Summit to announce sweeping new climate action policies for the next decade.

The right few words from EU leaders tonight could have explosive implications for Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL | FRA:6KO).

VUL has huge bets on socially and environmentally responsible, “Zero Carbon”, battery metals supply.

VUL investors like us aren't the only ones who will closely be watching the summit unfold.

Global markets will also be watching closely - especially automakers, battery makers and their suppliers.

These new EU rules will affect electric vehicle batteries manufactured in the 27-nation bloc AND those imported from abroad.

VUL has been green from its inception, and has developed a world first, IP protected “Zero Carbon Lithium(R)” extraction process.

Vulcan Energy Resources

VUL’s Zero Carbon lithium project is located in Germany, at the centre of the world’s fastest growing lithium market. The project happens to be roughly 600km from Tesla’s soon to be completed Berlin Gigafactory.

These EU policy announcements could be happening in just a few hours.

We expect the mainstream media to be all over it tomorrow.

It will be like Tesla battery day all over again...

What VUL investors should watch out for in the new EU policies tonight:

  • Any new regulations around responsible sourcing of battery metals;
  • New rules to force EV battery supply chains to be carbon neutral;
  • New initiatives to accelerate and localise the EV industry in the EU.

Any of the above announcements could be transformational for VUL.

We will certainly be watching the summit speeches early into the morning.


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