EMERGENCY INFO: Read if you Invested in Minbos

  Email Sent On: 11-11-2020 09:00 a.m.

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Today, one of our portfolio companies Minbos Resources Ltd initiated a “share consolidation” to reduce the total number of shares on issue.

A share consolidation improves the capital structure and finally unlocks the potential for the share price to increase by allowing new investors to buy shares in smaller price increments.

The shares will resume trading on Wednesday next week as “MNB” and we have a big Next Mining Boom update scheduled for that day.

However... the NEWLY CONSOLIDATED shares of Minbos are currently trading as temporary code MNBDB and can be purchased today...

Minbos Resources Ltd

We announced our investment in the Company on 26 August this year.

Minbos Resources Ltd is rapidly moving its Angolan phosphate project into production. Phosphate is a key ingredient in fertiliser, and this project has large potential to dramatically improve Angola’s national food security.

We believe this stock is an excellent long term investment given:

  • Low Capex required of between US$22-28M
  • High After Tax NPV of US$159-260M
  • Near term share price catalysts on the horizon
  • It’s current low market cap

With an improved capital structure, we think this is the start of great things from one of our long term portfolio companies.


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