Market Mood Swings, Price Discovery & Enterprise Value

Market mood swings. Down on low volumes, now up. What is price discovery? What is Enterprise Value? Current lowest Enterprise Values in our Portfolio. Cash is king. Current biggest cash balances in our Portfolio.

Why the market is tanking and what are we doing?

Many small cap stocks (including our Portfolio stocks) have taken a downward hit on relatively small volume in June. And to put the boot into an already rougher than usual “sell in May and go away” and “tax loss selling June”...

The need for significant investment in rare earths, other critical materials

Goldman on lithium. Movers in our portfolio. Is a bull market coming in the “real economy”? An expert presents on critical materials.

We are Rolling the Dice on this One…

Long term Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH) shareholders have had a rough ride in the last 12 months. Last week the $20M capped CPH raised circa A$9M at $0.0291 per share, finally extinguishing the company’s debt and ridding the company of major con note holders that were hampering any share price appreciation.

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