Market Mood Swings, Price Discovery & Enterprise Value

Market mood swings. Down on low volumes, now up. What is price discovery? What is Enterprise Value? Current lowest Enterprise Values in our Portfolio. Cash is king. Current biggest cash balances in our Portfolio.

Why the market is tanking and what are we doing?

Many small cap stocks (including our Portfolio stocks) have taken a downward hit on relatively small volume in June. And to put the boot into an already rougher than usual “sell in May and go away” and “tax loss selling June”...

The need for significant investment in rare earths, other critical materials

Goldman on lithium. Movers in our portfolio. Is a bull market coming in the “real economy”? An expert presents on critical materials.

We are Rolling the Dice on this One…

Long term Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH) shareholders have had a rough ride in the last 12 months. Last week the $20M capped CPH raised circa A$9M at $0.0291 per share, finally extinguishing the company’s debt and ridding the company of major con note holders that were hampering any share price appreciation.

Don’t be lured into the Bear Trap no matter how nice the honey tastes’.

Don’t be lured into the ‘Bear Market Trap’ and perceived honey pot of gains to be had just because the market has risen like a soufflé in the past few weeks.

Will the dust settle on the stock market?

Companies have not changed their earnings forecast, which means they do not foresee any issues arising from the coronavirus. Given this, I see no reason to sell, as many of these companies will bounce back in the not too distant future.

2020 market outlook: Brace for impact

This can be a period when markets swing wildly as evidenced by the performance of the Dow Jones index leading up to and following the election of Trump as president.’

Will the All Ordinaries Index rise up into January?

Buying low, however, is not about finding stocks that are still falling in value, rather it is about finding undervalued stocks that have stopped falling and are starting to rise.

Is the share market well positioned for a record run?

The recent pull back in share prices combined with a volatile earnings season has positioned the Australian share market for a stellar run.

Rat's Rant: Stocks that are hot, not... and Jon Snow

Today Rat's Rant joins Finfeed as a regular contributor, to provide his irreverent analysis on what Australian stocks are hot and those that not.

Stock market expectations for this earning season

The much anticipated earnings season is critical to understanding the direction of the market over the next 12 months, and could not have come at a more interesting time with the Australian market recently hitting a new all-time high.

Indecision causes the stockmarket to come to a standstill

The Australian stockmarket has traded up consecutively for the past six months, which is the second longest period for a sustained rise over the last 10 years.

Banks still not so safe

With reporting season underway, we can see how the aftermath of the royal commission is still working its way through the banking sector.

What are the key takeaways of the Royal Commission's final report?

The banking royal commission has cast a shadow over the financial services industry since it was first announced in November 2017. The final findings are now live, and it's clear there are some key areas of focus. A major one in particular is the recommendation is to see commissions phased out for those working in financial services – in particular mortgage brokers and financial advisors.

4 Pines Brewery goes solar as record-breaking weather becomes the norm

The past fortnight has seen record-breaking heatwaves in Australia, and on the other side of the globe, the US has gone into deep freeze lockdown mode that includes six states suspending postal services. Is this the end times? You’d be forgiven for asking yourself, when each day, there’s a new weather record somewhere in the world, or a bizarre and extreme weather event filling the headlines.

Gold explorer Nusantara’s DFS in the spotlight

Now into the new year, it’s as good a time as any to take a closer look at small caps that are well-placed to deliver for shareholders over the coming 12 months. Backed by an economically robust definitive feasibility study (DFS) and a bullish 2019 gold price outlook, Indonesia-focused gold explorer, Nusantara Resources (ASX:NUS), is one such ASX-junior that makes the cut.

Uranium junior Berkeley skyrockets despite challenging jurisdiction

Berkeley Energia (ASX:BKY) is our stock of the week, and judging by the company’s share price performance in the first two weeks of the new year, it could well take out stock of the month.

Will 2019 see a rebound in stock markets?

With plenty of investors feeling bruised by a shocking 2018, there are reasons to feel optimistic about the year ahead. Looking at the S&P500 for the last 50 years, markets have typically stabilised in the 1-3 years following a major retracement.

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