One Alternative Fund Manager is Diversifying & De-risking ‘Frontier’ Tech for ASX Investors

Today’s rapidly accelerating global tech landscape is an increasingly competitive one, flanked by an ever-expanding crop of disruptive businesses operating in hot-topic ‘frontier’ sectors.

Only Listed ICO Investment Company on Quest to Dominate Blockchain and Crypto Sectors

One ASX listed company is helping investors understand the crypto and blockchain markets, and is also the only listed company that can invest directly in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

DCC Moves Into Crypto Education and Investment to Capture Part of US$7B Industry

DigitalX (ASX:DCC) is the world’s first publicly listed blockchain company, so it comes as no surprise that its sharply honed corporate blockchain and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) advisory services are in high demand.

IOT Clinches 10-Year Power Deal With Global Blockchain Play

IOT Group (ASX:IOT) is working towards constructing Australia’s own billion dollar ‘Blockchain Valley’.

When Blockchain Meets IoT: IOT Group to Tap Multi-Billion Dollar Energy Market

ASX tech junior, the IOT Group (ASX:IOT), is the latest to join the burgeoning blockchain gang.

New Cryptocurrency Building Improvements on Leading Altcoin Ripple

ivyKoin LLC is building a blockchain based cryptocurrency that aims to facilitate transparent business payments on a global scale.

CHP to Tap Multi-Billion-Dollar High-Growth Tech Sectors: More to Come

Chapmans Ltd (ASX:CHP) has its corporate finger strategically poised on the pulse of rapid-growth markets.

Blockchain Technology on the ASX:RFN Makes Strategic Acquisition

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provider, Reffind Ltd. (ASX:RFN) doesn’t want to miss out on the next big thing.

DCC Emerges as Leader in Crypto Space: Clinches More High-Profile ICO Deals

One nimble ASX company that has rapidly established itself as the leading force in the burgeoning crypto and blockchain space is fintech growth story, DigitalX Limited (ASX:DCC).

Can ASX Stock Dominate Asia Pacific With Blockchain Acquisition Strategy?

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has arrived, and one recently listed ASX company with cash reserves of $3.7 million following a $1.6 million placement has set its sights on investing in this thrilling new technology.

New Kid on the Blockchain Takes on $150BN Crypto Market

DigitalX Limited (ASX: DCC) is a blockchain-enhanced software solutions group set on critically disrupting the payments industry, and Bitcoin is now bigger than Netflix.

DCC Now Days Away from Launch of the World’s First Blockchain Money Transfer App

If you were previously after a cheap, uncomplicated and secure international money transfer experience – something in line with our modernised world of Uber-like convenience – you may have been in for a lengthy, frustrating search. However, DigitalX Limited (ASX: DCC) is looking to appease your frustration through a monetary transaction tool, known as AirPocket, that allows anyone with a smartphone to convert physical cash to digital money, which can then be converted back into local currency in a different country.

ASX FinTech’s Blockchain Technology Opens $600BN Remittance Market

The global remittance market, i.e. the value of payments being sent across international borders, is currently worth nearly $600BN. However the options available for international money transfers currently range from painful to impossible, especially if you’re after a cheap, instantaneous, uncomplicated, and secure transfer experience, more aligned with the 21st century way of life.

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