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The latest on EMH’s flowsheet & DFS due Q4 2023


Published 25-MAY-2023 17:43 P.M.


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Our EU based development stage lithium Investment European Metals Holdings (ASX: EMH) just put out a project update.

Our key takeaways from the announcement are as follows:

1. EMH is continuing to make progress with its processing flowsheet.

The highlight from the processing testwork is that EMH is able to separate its lithium using flotation with recovery rates of >95% when combined with magnetic separation.

The significance of the news is that EMH’s flowsheet continues to show that it can produce lithium from mica host rocks in a much cleaner more ESG friendly way when compared with other acid flotation flowsheets used in projects globally.

Unlike spodumene-hosted lithium resources, mica lithium deposits require more specialised processing - so the flowsheet used is important to maximise recoveries and keep costs low.

EMH expects the current testwork to be completed by the end of June - we will be looking out for the final results of this work as it forms the basis for the company’s ability to produce saleable lithium products.


We covered the company’s latest flowsheet changes in our most recent note here.

2. Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) due in Q4-2023.

EMH also confirmed that its DFS was on track for completion in the last quarter of 2023.

We covered the upcoming DFS in our last EMH note which you can read here.

What’s next for EMH: