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TG1 February exploration update


Published 22-FEB-2024 12:41 P.M.


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Our $5.6M capped exploration Investment TechGen Metals (ASX: TG1) just put out an exploration update.

TG1 is gearing up to drill its Ida Valley lithium project in WA in a few months.

We are Invested in TG1 because it has a lTG1 ow market cap which could re-rate much higher IF the company is able to make a new WA lithium discovery.

Here are our key takeaways from today’s announcement:

  1. Update on TG1’s Ida Valley lithium project.

The most interest news today was from TG1’s “Central Prospect”.

TG1 said that it had “identified 5 massive pegmatites not previously sampled or recorded”

TG1’s Ida Valley lithium project

Up until now, most of the outcrop has been from TG1’s Northwest and Southern prospects so picking up pegmatites at the central prospect is a good sign going into TG1’s maiden lithium drill program here.


  1. Uranium anomalies being followed up at WA Mt Boggola project

TG1 also mentioned it would look at field mapping its Mt Boggola project where there is potential for uranium mineralisation.

Uranium anomalies being followed up at WA Mt Boggola project

  1. Mapping/sampling at Station Creek WA Copper/Gold project -

Finally TG1 also confirmed it would run a mapping/sampling program at its Station Creek copper/gold project right after drilling its Ida Valley lithium project.

What’s next for TG1?

Drilling at Ida Valley lithium project 🔲

TG1 has permitting in place for its upcoming RC drill program.

TG1’s plan is to drill ~20 holes for 3,000m across its northwestern, central and southern target areas.