REVEALED: Our Full Portfolio Unveiled

  Email Published On: 15-11-2020 12:10 p.m.

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UPDATE: Click here to see our full stock portfolio

In 2020, the Next Investors evolved.

We used to cover nearly 100 stocks a year that had interesting news.

Some went up. Some went down.

Our improved model is to ONLY cover a portfolio of around 15 high conviction stocks that WE are invested in.

We don’t believe in charging you subscription fees to tell you about our stocks.

We are investors like you and make money when our stock picks succeed over the long term.

Some of the highlights from our portfolio companies (from when we alerted our readers to highest return) include:

  • VUL: 1,003%
  • EXR: 362%
  • MYQ: 1,200%
  • LCL: 522%
  • EMN: 484%
  • WHK: 283%

We hold positions in all of these stocks and look forward to updating you with their progress.

Hopefully, you have had your own wins with some of these companies. Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

In the last few months we have assessed over 20 potential new portfolio additions, where we DID NOT PROCEED with an investment.


It all comes down to our belief in the company and whether it’s the right time to invest.

If we don’t personally invest in it, we won’t cover it.

We have developed a stringent vetting process to choose our investments which we will share with you in the coming weeks.

That’s not to say we get it right all the time. No one has a perfect record, especially at the speculative end of the market.

We believe that with our experience and our relationships with company management and trusted advisors, we maximise our chances of investing in successful stocks.

Many of you have asked which stocks are in our portfolio and why.

Click here to view our current portfolio of investments.

Bookmark this page to monitor our portfolio.

We will continue to send regular updates about existing portfolio companies and new portfolio additions.

All the best with your investing.d