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Trust & Transparency

We operate in an industry where there’s a cost attached to everything. Anything ‘free’ will certainly raise an eyebrow. That’s why we’re transparent in how we earn money, so readers can trust our free stock analysis is for the benefit of everyone.

Creating social value through investing

Investing is at the heart of everything we do. We share our investment journey in hopes that when we see a successful opportunity, our readers can benefit too. And we don’t stop there, all our investments participate in an Environmental, Social and Governance improvement program.


We say what we do and do what we say. Without integrity, our words wouldn’t hold any weight to them. This applies to all our business actions, such as consistently upholding industry regulations and providing readers with our most honest analysis.


Investing will always carry risks. We understand in any of our investment decisions, we have sole accountability for our successes, our losses and our learnings. We always encourage others to stay accountable for their own investment decisions too.

Commitment to the investment journey

Small cap stocks are highly volatile, so we are invested in every detail of our company picks, their journey, the work they do, their failures and future successes.


Our best decisions always come from evaluating all perspectives. We do this by seeking input from people with varied backgrounds - personal or professional. The wider our lens is, the more informed our decisions are.