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HAR Initial Metwork Confirms >96% Uranium Extraction


Published 04-APR-2024 13:09 P.M.


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Our uranium Investment Haranga Resources (ASX: HAR) just put out a set of metwork results from its uranium project in Senegal.

HAR owns 70% of its project which holds an existing uranium JORC resource of 12.4 Mt @ 587 ppm for 16.1 Mlbs of uranium.

Right now, HAR is working toward increasing its JORC resource with a four staged exploration program across those targets as follows:

  1. Regional termite mound - Project wide sampling to find the most interesting targets are.
  2. Infill termite mound - Detailed sampling at the most interesting targets.
  3. Auger drilling - Shallow drilling to rank drill targets.
  4. RC drilling - Deeper drilling to try and make discoveries and define JORC resources

The first three steps are to find drill targets and the final RC drilling is to test them and see whether or not there is any uranium mineralisation of note.

Today’s news was related to metwork results completed for one of the drillcores taken from HAR’s Saraya deposit.

At a very high level - metwork (metallurgical testwork) is when a company puts a sample taken from its resource through different processing steps and sees how much of the mineralisation can be recovered.

When it comes to metwork we want to see as high a % recoveries as possible.

So HAR’s result of >96% uranium extraction using leach methods and ~84% using alkaline atmospheric leach is pretty strong for a set of first pass results.

It is also a good singal for HAR to continue drilling out the project with the processing risk being mitigated in the background.

What’s next for HAR?

Drill results 🔄

We expects to see auger drilling results from the Saraya South prospect.

At the same time, the company will be running its RC drilling from its Saraya, Mandenkoly and Sanela prospects.

We will be watching out for lab results for the assays over the coming weeks.

Sampling results 🔄

HAR is continuing to run a tenement-wide termite mound sampling program.

The ultimate aim for the sampling work will be to find more drill targets.

Resource upgrade 🔲

After the results come back from the soil sampling/drilling, we want to see HAR increase its JORC uranium resource.

We want to see HAR increase the confidence level of its resource (take it from inferred to indicated) AND at the same time increase the resource in terms of size.

HAR has previously said the resource upgrade would come at some point in April.