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Notice Board

VN8 and RAS moved to bottom drawer Portoflio 13 Jan 2024
CPH (now ME1) moved to "Past Investments" portfolio - 31st July 2023
ARN moved to "Past Investments" portfolio - 29th April 2023
Removed the "portfolio weighting" tab on the Portfolio Table - 28th March 2023
FOD stock code change to OJC and share consolidation - 27th March 2023

We have changed all references to FOD or The Food Revolution Group to The Original Juice Co. Limited (ASX:OJC) in line with the recent company name change. We have adjusted our Initial Entry Price as well to reflect the 4-1 share consolidation.

ARN moved to bottom drawer portfolio - 8th March 2023

We have moved ARN to our bottom drawer portfolio.

AOU moved to passed investments - 7th March 2023

We have moved AOU from our bottom drawer portfolio to our passed investments.

Update to LCL Holdings - 28th Feb 2023

Due to a data entry error, we have had to correct and update our Shares Held in Los Cerros (ASX: LCL).

Our latest Investment Memo, Article and the last few Quick Takes published since January 1st 2023 have been updated to reflect the correct Shares Held at the time that the content was published. 

Correct LCL Shares Held: 8,055,814 

Move TMZ to Bottom Drawer Portfolio - 25th Feb 2023

We moved TMZ to the bottom drawer portfolio - read our full take.

Capital Management Plan: Q1 2023 - 22nd Feb 2023

In order to free up capital, in February and March 2023 S3 Consortium and its Associated Entities will be selling (Top Slicing) 12.5% of holdings in every position in our Portfolio, where permitted under the Next Investors holding and trading blackout policy.  As an example of the application of this policy, no selling will be undertaken in relation to any positions held for less than 90 days after initial coverage has been initiated.The purpose of this capital management plan is:

  • Raising funds for deployment into new Investments
  • Settlement of FY 22 and FY 23 tax liability

The share sales will be made across all positions (where permitted) during the current quarter and is not a reflection of our views on any specific company or part of any individual investment plan for any specific company.  We share our individual Investment plans for individual companies on each Investment Memo page, which can be found by clicking on the company code on any of our Portfolio pages.