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Next generation solar technology company, GreatCell Solar (ASX: GSL) previously known as Dyesol is now diving head-first into its commercialisation phase.

The freshly funded manufacturer of game-changing next generation solar technology and photovoltaic (PV) panels, has a string of heavy-hitting partners and collaborators including the $829 million capped Chinese solar company JinkoSolar (NYSE:JKS), a global leader in the PV solar space.

The partnership with JinkoSolar is an important strategic move for GSL and could provide a pathway into the rapidly growing PV solar market.

Jinko will evaluate GSL’s PSC photovoltaics, with a view to a formal agreement to commercialise the technology and set up large-scale manufacturing.

The recently rebranded GSL has also has also collaborated with the $2.1 billion capped CSR Limited (ASX: CSR), one of Australia’s largest building supply companies and is establishing a world-class prototype facility alongside CSIRO’s energy hub in Melbourne where it will build a panel of commercial scale production.

GSL plans to fit out this hub in the coming months of 2017.

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The well-funded GSL looks set to tap into a high-growth market that’s set to continue surging. The global market for solar and wind electricity generation is set to rise 50% per annum by 2020 and poised to triple by 2030.

With that in mind, the $67.9 million-capped GSL is steadily emerging as an industry leader in an annual global annual global solar market projected to be worth US$140 billion by 2023.

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