Disclosure Policy

S3 Consortium pty ltd provides commentary on junior stocks that our contributors are either invested in or interested in. Generally, S3 Consortium pty ltd will initiate coverage of a company that has scored well on our pre-investment checklist, starting with an informative article about this company, followed by ongoing updates and commentary on that company’s activities. The Next Investors has developed a company-wide policy on our contributors’ trading and investing, specifically governing their activities around stocks they write about. This Policy requires that our contributors:

  • DO NOT trade or invest in a stock 72 hours prior to initiating coverage
  • DO NOT trade or invest in a stock 72 hours after coverage has been initiated.
  • DO NOT trade or invest in a stock during initial promotion campaigns.

S3 Consortium pty ltd may at times have financial arrangements with the companies featured on our website. If you have any queries, or if you’d like to offer us any feedback on our disclosure policy or anything else, we are happy to discuss. Please contact us at [email protected]

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