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  Email Published On: 12-01-2021 11:08 a.m.

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Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX:VUL | FRA: 6KO) ran up to a high of $5.67 yesterday and went into a trading halt.

Based on the halt we are expecting the company’s Pre Feasibility Study (PFS) to be coming out tomorrow.

The PFS is big news as it is going to drive development of VUL’s project and give incoming investors a look at potential returns over the project lifetime.

Vulcan Energy Resources

New Research Report Discovered - VUL - Price Target $9.50

While we wait for the trading halt to be lifted, we have just discovered a new research report on VUL from a highly respected German investment publication Der Aktionär.

Der Aktionär is one of the most influential German investment newsletters and has been around a long time.

We have seen the report, but unfortunately we cant share it with you because it’s behind a paywall.

What we will share is that Der Aktionär have set a share price target on VUL of €6 (that's A$9.50).

Here is the link if you want to try and buy the report yourself (Warning: It costs €99.99 to buy, it’s hosted in the EU, and it’s written in German so you will need to translate it).

We suspect this report might have contributed to the VUL price rise on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange before the stock went into halt on the ASX the next day.

VUL is on the path to becoming a best in class ethical, sustainable and carbon free battery metal supplier in the heart of the European Union (in Germany - where all the automakers are located).


Our Other Long Term Investment in Battery Metals Starting to Move - EMN

Our other long term investment in this thematic of ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable EV Battery Metals in the EU is EuroManganese (ASX:EMN | TSX.V: EMN), located next door in the Czech Republic.

EMN is developing a high purity manganese production facility, based on the recycling of a tailings deposit located in the Czech Republic.

Last year Elon Musk stated that high purity Manganese like EMN’s will make up as much as 33% of mid range EV battery cathodes in new generation batteries.

EMN hasn’t run as hard as VUL yet but is starting to creep up over the last few days as the ethical and sustainable battery metals story catches wind in 2021.

EMN is our second largest holding behind VUL, and both are set to benefit from the EU regulations that have just come in around battery metals laws in the EU over the next decade.'

Last year we analysed both EMN and VUL in our “Battery Metals on the ASX” eBook that you can find here if you would like a refresher on each company:

Download the battery metals e-Book here