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ESG Companies


ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) has become essential in business and investment circles, setting a new standard in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact that a company makes.

Businesses that can demonstrate real ESG commitments, progress and credentials can gain from significant benefits, such as:
·         Access ESG funds: There is currently more ESG money than there are ESG investment-ready opportunities.
·         Secure top tier customers: Top companies are conscious of ESG in their supply chain and want to buy from best-in-class ESG suppliers
·         Attract the most talented teams: Smart people no longer want to work for non-ESG companies.
·         Positive community perception: Doing business at all levels is just easier when the community wants you to exist and supports you.
·         Shareholder returns with positive impact: Be proud in creating positive change in the world while providing outsized returns to shareholders.Companies that align their goals to the long‑term goals of society are most likely to create long‑term sustainable value, while driving positive outcomes for the business, the economy, society and the planet – and ultimately shareholders as well.
 From an investor’s point of view, ESG companies will deliver better returns as they attract more customers, more investors and better talent.

Our Past Commentary on ESG Companies

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